The Best Swimming Workout for Pregnant Women

It is said that swimming and walking are the best outdoor workout ideas during pregnancy.   Aqua training, according to experts is a great way to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy and is a must for every pregnant lady. When doing exercises in water, the abdominal muscles are properly engaged and also lengthened.

Swimming also has many toning benefits and is a type of a low-impact exercise. To know which all swimming moves you should perform during pregnancy, you can go through the following information:

swimming workout for pregnant womenCross Country Ski

This is considered to be the best swimming workout method and has many benefits. It eases pregnancy related discomforts and helps you stay in shape. Some of its other benefits include strengthening of shoulders, arms, lower and upper legs, buttocks, core, and calves. To do this pose, you need to stand tall in such a way that the abs are pulled in and the shoulders are back. Now you need to hop by swinging your right leg forward and left leg back. Swing your hands in direction opposite your legs.

Floating Frog

This is another great swimming workout for pregnant women and helps to strengthen the deep abdominals , arms, shoulders, thighs and even the buttocks. It also stretches the low back and inner thighs. To do this pose, you need to wrap a floating noodle around your back and under the arms.   Now by contracting the abdominal muscles, you need to lean back and pull your legs to the surface. Now by exhaling, keep the abs tight and bend the knees to let the knees move apart from each other.

Pendulum Cross

This is another swimming move which can strengthen the thighs, buttocks, core, arms, and shoulders. To do this, you need to stand with tall with your feet apart by a hip-width. Your hands should be on your hips and the abs should be pulled in.Now swing the right leg out to the right first and then to the left. While swinging, your hands should be in front of you in the opposite direction as that of the legs. After completing reps, you will need to switch sides.

Floating Abs

This is a superb way to strengthen the shoulders, arms, thighs, buttocks, shoulders and hamstrings. To do this exercise, you will need to wrap a floating noodle around the back and under the arms. By leaning into a noodle, keep both your feet on the bottom end of the pool. First inhale and then exhale while lifting your legs up to the surface of the water. Now contract your thighs and abs and hold this pose for up to 1 to 4 breaths. Now slowly lower your legs and repeat the movement.

Upper Body Sweep

This is the 5th best swimming movement which is ideal for pregnant women. It helps to strengthen your chest, back, arms, shoulders, buttocks and core. It also helps in strengthening the front of the torso and the hips as well.

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