Swollen Feet? Tips That Will Help

One of the commonly seen problems during pregnancy can be swollen ankles and feet. It isn’t just the fact that the feet have to take the added weight of pregnancy with the growing baby and the weight that the mother puts on.

There is also the problem of water retention that causes fluid to pool in the lower extremities.

Swollen FeetSwollen feet during pregnancy can be painful and uncomfortable; women may even find that shoes that fit them earlier no longer do.

The American Podiatric Medical Association offers the following tips to ease swollen or sore feet during pregnancy.

  • Take frequent rests during the day, and keep the feet elevated during this time. If it is possible to keep feet elevated as you work, then this will also help. This helps to drain the fluid that has collected there.
  • Crossing the legs and ankles can impede circulation. So avoid doing this when you are pregnant.
  • Stretch your legs and feet often when you’re sitting down. If possible keep the feet at an elevated level as you sit to work, watch TV and so on as well.
  • Make sure that you are wearing the correct shoe size. Feet can actually swell during pregnancy, making feet wider as well as longer, so you may need a bigger than normal shoe size.

Additionally these other tips will also help with swollen feet during pregnancy.

  • Getting a foot massage is always a marvelous thing but getting one during pregnancy could actually be therapeutic and not just relaxing and pleasurable.
  • Certain yoga poses which are suitable for performing even during pregnancy can help to reduce swollen feet, since they improve circulation and elevate the feet as well.

Taking regular exercise is a good idea for a number of reasons and will also help to reduce swelling.


  1. I concur with you on the getting a foot message during pregnancy, I recently had my baby and one of the things i really found helpful and heavenly was the foot massages.


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