How to Take Care of your Belly Button During Pregnancy

Many women worry about naval piercings during pregnancy due to different causes like what if it hurts when your belly will expand, skin infections, or the general discomfort. It’s true that pregnancy makes your skin extra sensitive and you might start feeling uncomfortable with a belly button, thus the best option would be to take off the jewelry.

In any case, you would either have to remove or tape the jewelry securely if you are about to have a caesarean. However, there are many ways to manage a belly button safely and comfortably during pregnancy. Some women experience soreness, swelling and even acute pain, in and around their naval. Therefore it is important to know how you can take care of the belly button during your pregnancy.

how to take care of your belly button during pregnancyWhy Does a Belly Button Hurt During Pregnancy?

There are several reasons than can lead to a hurting belly button when you are pregnant. These reasons are:

  1. Stretching of the abdominal muscles
  2. Uterine pressure
  3. Umbilical Hernia
  4. Intestine infections etc.

Many young women these days have pierced their navels. As they get pregnant, this becomes the reason of irritation for most of them. However, if you have piercing, do not worry, there are certain methods, by which you can deal with it even during your pregnancy.

What to Do when you have a Piercing on your Belly Button

If you have already pierced your belly button much before you conceived, then you need not worry much about it. Otherwise, if the piercing is still healing, it might create a bit of a problem. Therefore you need to know what you are supposed to do if you have a problem there:

  • Do not tug or pull the piercing. Leave it alone. That way, it will heal more quickly and would not lead to irritation.
  • Consult your doctor regarding the belly button. Do not wait for your pregnancy to mature. Some doctors might request you to remove your ring early during your pregnancy, while some others do not have a problem unless the wound is very new, or injured, which might lead to metal poisoning.
  • If possible, change your navel ring. There are several types of rings available in the markets which are quite suitable for the period of pregnancy. These are
  1. Large gauge rings
  2. Plastic maternity rings
  3. Circular rings
  4. Clip on or stick on jewelery.

You can choose any one of these and they will be safer and suitable for your condition.

  • Proper skin care and hygiene are essential for the piercing. As the muscles and skin of the abdomen area stretches you need to prevent it from getting too dry. Also you will not want an infected belly button during your pregnancy. Therefore wash the area with a mild soap and water every day to keep it clean. Do not use harsh chemicals.

In spite of all these methods to take care of your belly button, do remember that you must take off your piercing at the fifth or sixth month of the pregnancy. Consult your obstetrician as they will be the best judge as to when you should actually get rid of the piercing. You would also need to treat your rashes in time.


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