The Pregnancy Announcement – When And How Do You Do It?

A pregnancy can be a much awaited and joyous event, one that you want to announce to the world. And yet you wonder when a good time to announce your pregnancy is? And when you do announce it, how do you do so?

First things first: If this is news that you have been anticipating for a while, you probably cannot wait to share the news. Chances are that the minute you have that confirmation of a pregnancy (a home test kit or anything else), you want to tell that most important person in your life. After all a joy shared is a joy doubled. You may want to do it in a special way though.

A text message sent in the middle of the working day may take the joy out of it a bit.

And also it would be a little premature to post the news on your social networking site (your status on Facebook as Pregnant for instance) before you have had a chance to inform your near and dear ones personally.

Social Networking site: If you are active on a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace, chances are you are connected to most of those who are close to you.

Family, friends and other people who are important in your life are probably connected so you can make an announcement there. You can just make an announcement and wait for the congratulations and the good wishes to come pouring in by way of the comments section.

Youtube: You could create a Youtube video of your pregnancy announcement. There are a number of different (some rather hilarious) ways of announcing a pregnancy online by way of a youtube video.

A simple way would be to get together with your significant other and talk to the camera as though you were speaking to all those you wanted to make the announcement to.

Or you can make it funny; get junior to announce ‘there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy’ or similar. If you like, you can include the first sonogram report in the video and the due date etc. Don’t forget to send everyone an email telling them that there’s a big announcement on Youtube you would like to share.

Create a web page or blog: This is a popular way of sharing your news. Create video, post photos of the mom to be, give details of the things the expectant mum craves to eat these days, perhaps a few funny anecdotes of rustling up a midnight meal.

If you were given an ultra sound video, you could post that as well. Send an email informing people about announcement. You can then use the webpage or blog to update your readers about the progress of your pregnancy too!


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