Things to Avoid During Pregnancy – Which May Be Bad for Mommy or Baby

When it comes to things to avoid during pregnancy there are a lot of things that people will say you shouldn’t do, a lot of things that magazines will tell you not to do out of extra caution; but what are the things that will actually cause harm during pregnancy? Here are some of the things that you really shouldn’t be doing in pregnancy.

Ingestion of harmful substances

Among the things to avoid in pregnancy absolutely are smoking, drug use and even alcohol.

Things to Avoid During PregnancySmoking and drug use, it is well known can result in significant birth defects, and even alcohol use during pregnancy is the subject matter of too much conflicting advice and so is best avoided in pregnancy.

Remember to avoid not just smoking but smokers as well – passive smoking can also do significant damage.

As for drugs, even over the counter or prescription drugs must be cleared with physician before use in pregnancy.

For the duration of the pregnancy avoid exposure to paint thinner, toxic household cleaning agent, pesticides, herbicides and so on.

Exposure to radiation is one of the things to avoid during pregnancy

X-rays are a no-no in pregnancy, even a teeny X ray such as a dental one should wait until after the pregnancy. If your job involves some sort of radiation or involves exposure to chemicals then these are the things to avoid in pregnancy; so consider switching duties for the duration of the pregnancy.

While there is conflicting advice about using microwaves, the general view is that if your microwave is a good quality one that is of a fairly recent make then it is not going to cause any harm and is perfectly safe to use even in pregnancy.

Raising your body temperature

There are various things to avoid in pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester that could raise the body temperature – hot tubs, saunas, working outdoors on a very hot day, having a fever (this may be dangerous for the underlying infection as well) and so on. In the early stage of pregnancy, an elevated temperature (of above 101 degrees) could cause neural defects.

Infections and infectious people

The immune system of pregnant women is suppressed by the body to avoid rejection of the fetus, but what this does is, it makes pregnant women more prone to infections. So remember to be particularly conscious of good hygiene – among the things to avoid during pregnancy are people with infections as well.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Handling raw meats, eating partly cooked meat or fish, unwashed fruits and vegetables, or consuming soft cheeses and unpasteurized dairy raises danger of certain infections in pregnancy.

Infections such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis can be very dangerous during pregnancy and all care should be taken to avoid them. Avoid eating fish with high mercury content. Also avoid junk food and take care to eat healthy.

Being sedentary

For so many reasons, being sedentary is one of the things to avoid during pregnancy. Exercising will help keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy and may also help ease the duration and severity of labor. Not only that, it will prevent excessive weight gain and help keep pregnancy stress in control.


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