7 Tips for Working During Pregnancy

Obviously it is a woman’s choice how long into her pregnancy she wants to continue to work, but for most women who don’t have any pregnancy complications it is possible to continue to work during pregnancy. Women can continue to work right up to their due date if they so wish, if they are comfortable with it and if the nature of their job permits it.

However keep the following tips in mind if you’re going to be working through your pregnancy –

1. Tell people

Working During PregnancyAt work about your pregnancy, particularly your boss. This way people may be more willing to understand if you have to decline certain jobs or projects.

2. Stay safe

If you work with toxic substances or chemicals or any process that could be harmful, such as too much vibration and so on, try and switch duties for the duration of your pregnancy.

Avoid lifting or pushing heavy objects, and avoid long periods of standing.

3. Control stress

If required ask for your workload to be lightened or your working hours to be curtailed somewhat.

Research has shown that women who are stressed during pregnancy may be more likely to have low birth weight babies or high blood pressure during pregnancy and it could also be more likely that they have crankier babies.

If required learn stress management techniques or take some quite time for yourself in the middle of the working day to help you manage stress.

4. Snack frequently

In the beginning of pregnancy this will help control nausea and later it will help keep you charged and will also prevent heartburn and acidity.

5. Take short breaks

Get up and move around to improve circulation and prevent swelling of the lower extremities. If possible fit a small nap or some time with your feet up, into your work day.

6. Get comfortable

Make sure that your workstation is suitable for you. A good supportive chair with arm rests, firm cushioning will help. Enough leg space to move the legs freely and a well organized work place that isn’t cramped and constricting will help make the work day more bearable.

7. Know your rights

Regarding your entitlements during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman is entitled to 12 weeks of paid leave and protection of her job at the end of this period. Also remember that a woman has the right to continue to work so long into her pregnancy as she wants, and a woman has the right not to be discriminated against due to her pregnancy.


  1. Thanks for the article! The only correction for Number Seven is that we are legally entitled to 12 weeks of UNPAID leave. (I only wish that it was paid!)

  2. EVERY pregnant woman is NOT entitled to 12 weeks of paid leave and protection of her job at the end of this period. Research the FMLA for correct info.


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