Tips To Avoid Backache During Pregnancy

You can be one of those lucky women who sail through pregnancy without any backaches, with a little help from the following tips:

  • Try to keep your weight gain within the recommended range. Too much and very rapid weight gain could contribute to back pain.
  • Exercise regularly during pregnancy. This will not only keep your weight gain in check, it will keep your muscles and joints in better working condition. Better toned muscles are stronger and offer better support.pregnancy exercise
  • Maintain good posture not only for when you are walking or sitting or standing, but also in the way that you pick up something. It is particularly important to have proper form for when you pick up stuff from the ground. Don’t bend at the waist; rather bend at the knees while keeping your back straight.
  • Pay attention to bedding. Your mattress should be firm but not hard and it should offer adequate support. Consider a pregnancy pillow for extra support for the back and the burgeoning belly.
  • Speak to your health care provider for a support belt. This kind of belt helps support the abdomen and aids in having a better posture.


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