Is Pregnancy Possible after 40 – How?

Getting pregnant after 40 is possible and many women are opting for it now. The reasons for not getting pregnant till now could be any. You could have been busy with your career to really look at pregnancy earlier, or maybe the Mr Right was just not around. Whatever might be the reason, now that you have made up your mind to have a baby; it is time also for some preparation.

pregnancy after 40

Preparation for trying to get pregnant at 40 is not going to be much different than what you would try out at any other age, which is- trying to be healthy by being regular with healthy well balanced meals at regular intervals, taking the vitamins on time and every day, reduce stress and avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. However apart from this, you have to take into consideration the following points as well.

  1. Find out your ovulation cycle and do some tests if necessary to find out which day you actually ovulate in your cycle. Buy a predictor kit to check when you are ovulating. Remember ovulation every month doesn’t happen. Once you find out the day you are ovulating, try getting in a comfortable position with your partner and wait for the periods to skip.
  2. In case you find that the ovulation is not happening then you need to see a doctor and rule out the possibility of any abnormality or ailment in your body. A laparoscopy will check your fallopian tubes and uterus. Also check for any blood pressure or thyroid problems that may give rise to complication during the pregnancy. In case you are prescribed medicines to facilitate the release of a mature egg you might experience blurred vision and dizziness as side effects.
  3. In case you find out that you are still not ovulating, it means that you need to go for artificial methods like IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) or IUF (Intrauterine insemination). Consult your doctor for the best method you should adopt for your own specific condition.
  4. Try out some herbal medicines like primrose oil or grape seed extract. This increases blood flow to the pelvic region. Try Chasteberry which is a herbal supplement that improves the irregularity in menstrual cycle and boosts fertility in females.
  5. Rule out the possibility of a nerve being closed off or any injury that has stopped blood flow to the reproductive organs.
  6. Relieving stress is of utmost importance too as a stressful mind cannot carry a pregnancy for full term leave alone let you conceive. Trying to relax through yoga and massages is great as it relieves stress. Also if the masseur is an experienced one, then they can even use refloxology to press on the pressure points in the feet and other parts of body to press on nerves that have direct link to the ovaries or uterus.
  7. Regular exercising will help you to prepare your body for carrying the baby. At 40 plus, your body may not have the same suppleness and strength that you used to have at a younger age. So, together with your focus on healthy eating habits, you need to be focussed on a healthy body too through exercise.

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