Traveling While Pregnant – Things to Know

Some of the women have concerns regarding traveling while pregnant and they should know that there are some tips that they could use to make sure that they are safe and comfortable (and so is the baby) during their travels.

Is it alright to travel during pregnancy?

This is something you should ask your doctor about, but if you have a normal pregnancy and there are no risks of complications, there should be no reason for you to not travel. It is said that the best time for traveling is the second trimester.

Traveling While PregnantIt is best to travel during pregnancy in the second trimester because you aren’t affected by morning sickness anymore, but you are still weeks away from the third trimester during which you become fatigued more easily.

On land traveling

When it comes to traveling while pregnant, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to travel by bus, car or train usually it is safe to go on travels. Nonetheless there are certain things that you should consider before starting your journey to make sure that you will be comfortable and safe.

If you travel during pregnancy by car, ensure that you buckle up. To get the highest level of safety, you should be using both the shoulder and lap belts. Also ensure that the airbags are turned on. Since these could have a lot of benefits, they are more important than the risk that they could represent.

In case you are traveling while pregnant, you should consider that the buses usually come with narrow aisles and also small bathrooms, and so it may be more challenging to travel this way. The best thing you could do is to stay seated as long as the bus is still moving. If you have to use the toilet, hold on to the seats to maintain your balance.

It may be better to choose the train when you want to travel during pregnancy because they have more space to move. Nonetheless think about the fact that the restrooms are quite small in this case also and you will have to hold on to the rail or seats to maintain your balance while walking.

Although there are no dangers about traveling while pregnant, you should limit the time that you spend on a bus, car or train. It is alright to be traveling for 5-6 hours, but not longer. During the rest stops, you should have a short walk and stretch your legs to maintain good circulation.

Air traveling

Just as in the previous case regarding travel during pregnancy, air traveling is also considered to be safe for pregnant women and there are some tips that you could use. The majority of the airlines allow women in their eighth month of pregnancy to travel if they have the permission of their doctor.

Also keep in mind regarding traveling while pregnant that the airplanes have narrow aisles and small bathrooms, so walking and going to the toilet could be quite challenging. While walking on the aisle you should hold on to the seats in case there is some air turbulence.

In case you would like to travel during pregnancy, make sure that you get an aisle seat. This way it will be easier for you to get up to the toilet or only to have a walk and stretch your muscles. Choose the major airlines that have pressurized cabins and don’t travel with smaller planes.

You can see that while in some cases traveling while pregnant could turn out to be somewhat challenging, there is no real reason for you not to travel or do the things you wanted to.


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