Uses Of Cord Blood Technology

Banking your child’s cord blood is a decision that all expecting parents should consider, as it can be used to treat a wide range of blood diseases and bone marrow disorders, including Leukemia and Fanconi Anemia.

While the chances of being diagnosed with these conditions can be relatively low, researchers are discovering new uses for cord blood banking, which increases the likelihood of needing a cord blood transplant in the future.

cord bloodCord blood researchers across North America are working on new ways to use cord blood technology, discover applications to treat degenerative diseases and brain injuries.

This research is advancing rapidly, and doctors are already conducting clinical trials that use cord blood to treat a wider range of diseases.

Recent studies have proven that cord blood can be used to treat brain injuries in lab animals. Researchers are now putting these findings to use with patients who have cerebral palsy, a condition which can result due to an injury to the brain during pregnancy or birth.

It is becoming more and more common in young children, and researchers hope that cord blood will be a useful treatment option.

Researchers are also working on ways to use cord blood in treating degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Although these clinical trials are just beginning, doctors are hopeful that cord blood can be used to treat these diseases in the near future.


  1. Whatever the advantages of cord blood banking, newer research is suggesting that the best use of cord blood is by the BABY – in other words, letting baby have all of his cord blood rather than clamping and cutting the cord immediately, either out of routine or for cord blood banking. I would much rather know that my babies got the proper amount of blood in their systems, rather than denying them that blood (which nature intended them to get) in order to artificially collect it in hopes that it might hypothetically be useful sometime in the future.

  2. Diana,

    You can still allow your baby to recieve all the blood he or she can get after birth. The cord does bot have to be clamped immediately. It is recommended you wait until it stops pulsating, and then you would still be able to collect the cord blood afterwards. At least this is what PacifiCord is educating expecting parents on.


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