Want A Smart Baby? Start Moving

Tests recently performed have suggested that women who have been active during their pregnancy give birth to babies with better memories than those women who remained sedentary during their pregnancy, according to a new study.

While this hypothesis has proved itself in animal studies conducted, this is now to be tested on actual pregnant women, in a study that will be initiated by the University of Montreal.

As to how babies are to be tested for IQ, high or low, it is suggested that 10 days after birth, the cognitive abilities of the babies will be tested by way of an electro encephalogram. Cerebral sensors will be fitted on the baby’s head to measure cerebral activity.pregnancy exercises

The researchers are not talking about getting the pregnant women to run a marathon; they will simply required to do appropriate exercise that could make the difference to their babies.

So this may be just one more reason for pregnant women to get up and moving; after all we already know that being active during pregnancy will help have a somewhat easier labor and birth, will help prevent too much weight gain and will keep a woman in better physical health and shape! So get on up and do some exercise!


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