Top Ways to Pass Time During Pregnancy Leave from Work

If you are someone who has taken a pregnancy leave from work then you sure will be faced by the big question of how to pass your time at home. Those who are used to working and going to work every day may find it difficult to stay at home or not work at all. But there are a million ways in such a pregnant woman can pass her time and make the most of it before the baby arrives. The following are some of the top ways to pass time during pregnancy leave from work:

ways to pass time during pregnancy leave from work

Read Pregnancy Related or Other Books

One of the best and most productive ways to pass time during pregnancy is to read. From newspapers to magazines and from novels to pregnancy related books, there is a world of readable things out there which you can pick and read. Pregnancy related books can help you prepare and deal with this phase of life whereas fiction novels can really pass the time fast. But it is advisable to stay away from any disturbing content, on or off the internet.

Watch Movies

It is said that a pregnant woman must watch a lot of educational things and light movies. Watching comedy movies or videos on positive thinking can really have a good impact on you. On the other hand, watching educational videos and movies too can be a stimulating experience.

Prepare the Nursery

Another superb way to pass time at home when you are on a leave from work due to pregnancy is to work on the baby’s nursery. There are so many things to be done and this may be the perfect time to do them. From buying the baby’s furniture to getting the room painted and to buying the curtains, sheets and blankets-there is so much to be taken care of.

Spend Quality Time with your Partner

After the baby arrives, your life may just become very busy and concentrated just on your baby. Thus this may be the right time to spend with your partner to talk, do the things you both like to do, go out for movies and dinners etc.

Exercise and Walk

If your doctor considers it okay for you to walk and do exercises, then utilize this time doing so every day. Go out to the nearby park for a walk among the natural environment or exercise at home daily. This will not only help you to pass time but will also prove to be beneficial for your health.


It may not be possible to travel with the baby atleast for a few months and hence you can make the most of this leave from work to travel! Yes, go visit your relatives, your mom or take a vacation with your husband. Make sure that you consult your doctor before doing so.

Pursue a Hobby

This can be a great time to pursue a hobby such as playing the guitar, sketching, cooking, painting or whatever else your passion is.


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