What You Need To Know About Having Sex While You Are Pregnant?

When you are pregnant your body will be going through several changes. You will feel changes that are both physical and mental.

Sometimes your feelings could be influenced by your personal history and your sexual experience.

Having a large stomach may affect the way you look at your body and you may be worried if your partner will still consider you in the sexual way they always have.

Your emotions may be running wild during this time and what is bothering you about your body changes may not be affecting your partner at all. It is always good to open up and talk to your partner about your feelings.pregnancy tips

Body Changes Affecting Sex Drive

When you first become pregnant you will probably have morning sickness of some sort. Sometimes women have this during the mornings and others feel sick during the evening, while others just feel sick all day long.

During this time sex may be the furthest thing from your mind. Do not let this get you upset because in most cases your morning sickness will subside during your second trimester and you will feel a lot better.

Your blood flow will increase in your pelvic area and you will find sex more enjoyable. Partners usually love this time during your pregnancy because you will be feeling more sexual.

Your breast will be becoming more enlarged and sensitive and you may be able to become more aroused than you usually do. As long as you are comfortable having sex during pregnancy there is no special care that you need to take.

Lovemaking as Your Pregnancy Progresses

When your body begins to grow bigger and bigger and you begin to become more uncomfortable you may find that lovemaking positions are hard for you to do. You could be feeling increased pressure in your pelvic area when the baby starts to move toward the birth canal.

Partners sometimes will worry about hurting you or the baby during this time and lovemaking can be affected by these thoughts.

If you are going to be lovemaking during this time then you will need to make sure that you are in a comfortable position and that you feel no pain or discomfort during intercourse.

Having Intercourse When Your Pregnancy is High Risk

Most women will not have any problems during pregnancy but some are not so lucky. If you are having a hard time during your pregnancy and your physician considers you to be at high risk then you will need to be careful when thinking about having sexual intercourse with your partner.

You should not have sexual intercourse if you are having vaginal bleeding. Pre term labor or membranes that have ruptured are also reasons your physician will tell you not to be engaging in sexual intercourse.

This is a time when you will need to be extremely cautious not only for your health but also for your baby’s health.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience in your life and with extra care you should be able to have a normal and active sex life during pregnancy.


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