Fetal Heart Monitor – A Device Used To Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat

The only time you can hear your baby’s heartbeat is when you visit your doctor for prenatal tests or checkups.

Often, pregnant women who have undergone through complications or miscarriages during their previous pregnancies are more anxious in their later pregnancies.

Waiting between the prenatal appointments for updates on your baby’s growth can be very nerve wracking for every pregnant woman. But, now there is no more waiting to know about your baby’s health.

Fetal heart monitor is the device used to hear your baby’s heartbeats. Whenever anxious thoughts come into your mind, you can use this device to hear your baby’s heartbeat and can relax by knowing your baby’s safety.

Your healthcare provider uses fetal Doppler monitor to hear your baby’s heart rate during your prenatal visits. You can also buy this on your own and they allow you, your family members and friends to hear the baby’s heartbeat in the privacy of your own house.

These fetal heart monitors can keep you and your partner with peace of mind from the time when you enter into 8th week of pregnancy. Most of the parents find these monitors as very comforting.

Ease your tension with fetal heart monitor:

Also, fetal heart monitor come in handy for those who are experiencing complications with their pregnancy [pregnancy complications]. Keeping a fetal monitor at your home helps you to know more about what is happening with your baby.

Usage of this device is very simple. Keep the device just above your pubic bone and hear the heartbeat by tilting the probe at various angles until you hear the clear sound of the baby’s heartbeat.

The device won’t put any stress on your baby and is completely safe to use during your pregnancy period. Also, you will find some fetal heart monitors that allow you to record the heartbeat of your baby. You can save the recorded sounds onto your PC and hear whenever you want.

It is easy to read the fetal heart monitor. If you are having a digital fetal monitor, then you can observe the total number of heartbeats for every minute on the screen. For other type of monitors, you have to count the heartbeats for a period of ten seconds and then multiply the number with six so that you can get the total number of heartbeats for one minute.

You can either buy or rent a fetal heart monitor. It is better to rent a fetal monitor as it costs less for you i.e. in between $24 to $49. Buying the fetal monitor can cost around $450. Despite of which kind of monitor you buy or rent, just you need to ensure that it is approved by FDA.


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