Fetal Monitors For Pregnancy

It isn’t just that parents seek reassurance that all is well with their unborn child; it is also exciting and moving to be able to listen to the heartbeat and noises that a baby makes during its period in the womb. For this reason a fetal monitor is a popular choice for many expectant parents.

The sound of an infant’s tiny heart is indicative of its wellbeing and good health that a monitor or fetal system can keep track of. By placing the device over the belly of the mother to be, it is possible to hear the fetal heart beat and even the sound of baby hiccupping or kicking around!

Many of these products have a waist strap that can help secure the device to the mother’s belly and hold it in place.

A headset (some have two headsets so that two people can listen simultaneously) will let you listen in on the baby’s heartbeat. The device amplifies the sound of baby’s heartbeat so you can listen to it.

Also it is possible to record your baby’s heart beats so that you can email them to expectant grandparents or close friends with some models.

Some also have the feature of having speakers and microphone so you can place the speakers against the belly and speak into the microphone to speak to your baby, or make her listen to music of your choice!


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