Free iPad App For The Progress Of Your Pregnancy

If you are one of the gadget geeks who have already acquired the most coveted iPad then you are likely to be interested in this Free iPad app for your Pregnancy. This app helps you track the progress of your pregnancy week by week; along with information about the symptoms that the mother is likely to be feeling at the corresponding time.

ipad app for pregnancyDeveloped in conjunction with the diaper company Pampers, the app requires you to fill in the information about your baby’s due date and even the gender, weight and size to customize the display of the application.

You will be informed for instance, what your baby looks like at seven weeks; an accompanying illustration will give you a fair idea.

You will be told that at this stage the neural tube has closed and that the brain is developing rapidly. The mom on the other hand is probably feeling the need to go to the bathroom more often. It is explained why this is so and why it is important not to cut back on fluid intake at this time.

The simulated images of baby on the screen give you an excellent idea of what the baby looks like at the given stage of pregnancy. You can even view close-ups of little hands and feet, and listen to what a heartbeat might sound like and the progress can be posted on Facebook as well.

Source: lifesitenews


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