Predict Your Pregnancy Ovulation Time With Ovulation Calendar!

Actively trying to become pregnant? Pregnancy ovulation can be predicted with the help of pregnancy ovulation calendar or ovulation calendar.

It also helps determine your most fertile days to become pregnant. Fertile days are the days where the chances of becoming pregnant are high.

Before going into further details about ovulation calendar, it is good to know about pregnancy ovulation and menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy ovulation refers to the release of a mature egg from the ovary for fertilization. It generally occurs fourteen days before the end of menstrual cycle.

Pregnancy OvulationIt is the most fertile period of menstrual cycle where your chances of becoming 1 week pregnant will be more. This period begins 4-5 days before ovulation and ends 1-2 days after ovulation.

Menstrual cycle refers to the first day of the menstrual periods to the day before the next menstrual period. The normal menstrual cycle may range between 28-35 days.

During each menstrual cycle, one of the ovaries produces a multitude of eggs. These eggs will mature within the ovary. Once the egg develops to a certain size, it will be released out from the ovary and is passed into the fallopian tube on the way to the uterus and ready to get fertilized.

On the other hand, the lining of the uterus becomes thickened to carry a fertilized egg.

It is quite arbitrary about which ovary releases the egg in each cycle. Generally only one egg will be released out each time during pregnancy ovulation. Remember that an egg will survive for 12-24 hours once it is released from the ovary.

If the egg is fertilized with the sperm and implants successfully in the uterus, then it leads to pregnancy. It takes 6-12 days for the implantation of a fertilized egg after ovulation.

However, if fertilization doesn’t take place then the uterine lining sheds and the blood will be released out in the form of menstrual bleeding, which occurs two weeks after ovulation.

Remember that the ability of ovulation varies from month to month. Also, that menstrual period can occur without ovulation and ovulation can happen without a menstrual period.

You can predict the time of ovulation, the fertile period of your menstrual period and choose the gender of the future baby with the help of ovulation calendar. It also helps avoid unwanted pregnancy.

The ovulation calendar is a medical diagnostic program for predicting pregnancy ovulation period. It is very easy to use. All that required is your menstrual cycle information.

The information may include your last menstrual period (date), the length of your menstrual period and luteal phase length.

Start calculating your pregnancy ovulation time and fertile period by entering your menstrual details. If your menstrual period length and luteal phase length are unknown, leave the field with default values. Select boy or girl in the gender field, if you prefer a gender for your future baby.

Remember that pregnancy ovulation time will be accurate only when menstrual cycle is regular. The calculation may differ if the cycle lengths are more than thirty-five days or less than twenty-one days.


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