Top 10 Pregnancy Apps for iPhone Loving Mommies

— Make your pregnancy easier with these iPhone apps

There is no aspect in your life in which your iPhone wouldn’t be present and pregnancy is no exception. Here are some of those pregnancy apps that could make your pregnancy easier and more pleasant.

1. What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Apps - Pregnancy Tracker

This application has been created based on the book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’. The main point of the app is to help you keep track of your pregnancy, and the best thing about it is that it is completely free. There is a due date calculator and you can also find out information regarding the growth and development of the little one on a weekly basis.

There are also some illustrations of the way your baby might be looking at a given moment and you can also find out about the changes that you could experience in the following period.

2. iPregnancy

iPregnancy iphone Apps

This is also one of the most popular pregnancy apps for iPhone at the moment. It can help the mothers find out about the due date of the little one. There is a calendar to go with it that you can also add a name list to.

There are a lot of women who are using this pregnancy app because it is easy to use and it is also helpful if you would like to keep track of the progress of your pregnancy. After a while it might become difficult to keep track of all the dates, but this little app is here to help you.

3. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

This is one of the best pregnancy apps that you will find useful during the entire pregnancy. There is a countdown so that you will know where you are with your development. There are also updates regarding the development of the little one on a weekly basis.

There are some other features as well that the app comes with, like kick counter, forums and contraction counter. With the help of the application, you also have access to Facebook and Twitter to let the whole world know about the big event when it comes. It’s like a multifunctional application for the iPhones.

4. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials

Sprout Pregnancy Essentials -Pregnancy Apps

This application is a really interesting one that comes with 3D illustrations regarding the development of the baby, and the interface is user friendly, meaning that it is easy to use. You can consider it as a more complex organizer that will make sure that you won’t forget anything during your pregnancy.

You can use its tools like to do list, appointment tracker, weight tracker, contraction timer and the kick counter. The application can be customized with the due date and the name of the little one. You can get all this for the small price of $5 and you will realize that it is worth it.

5. Pregnancy Alarm

Pregnancy Alarm - Pregnancy Iphone App

Actually we could call it a more evolved ovulation alarm. It comes with numerous colorful graphics and according to all the feedback that the product got, it is really useful for those women who are planning on getting pregnant. Naturally, just as the majority of these applications, it is difficult to use it in case you are a guy.

It is about time something was invented for the future fathers as well to know how much time they have before the big event. Nonetheless when it comes to information regarding pregnancy, women have the priority and only then come the fathers.

6. Contraction Master

Pregnancy Apps - Contraction Master

Every pregnant woman is waiting for the moment when they get to the labor stage. Meanwhile when you get there, having one of these pregnancy apps is something almost vital to know when you should be getting to the labor room. The good thing about this pregnancy app is that it is easy to use; all you have to do is to tap on the screen when the contraction starts and again when it ends.

The application calculates the duration and frequency of the contractions. This information can be emailed to your midwife or doctor for him or her to know your state.

7. Foods to avoid when pregnant

Pregnancy Apps

In case you are preparing for becoming a mother, you might know that having the right nutrition is essential while being pregnant. This is because both you and the baby need nutrients. This is one of the best pregnancy appls that will tell you about the kinds of foods that you should avoid having while being pregnant and so you could form an idea regarding how a healthy nutrition would look like.

You should know that the app has been created by professionals; so you can rely on it and you can be sure that the information in it is valuable in those 9 months of pregnancy.

8. Pilates for Pregnancy

Pregnancy Apps - Pilates for Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to sit all day and do nothing. Even more, the doctors suggest that you have some kind of exercises, naturally nothing too tiring, but you shouldn’t stop moving just because you are expecting. This is what the application will help you with.

It has been created with the help of a professional Pilates instructor, and there are specific pregnancy exercises for each of the trimesters. In order to make sure that you understand the instructions, there are also some illustrations. Of course the exercises are more intense at the beginning and they gradually lose their intensity.

9. Life Help

Pregnancy iPhone Apps - Life Help

Although this one is not specifically a pregnancy app, just as the name suggests, it has been designed to help you with different aspects of life, including motherhood. Naturally this cannot substitute a motherhood book, but you can find advice on other aspects as well.

Of course the application won’t make the decisions, but there is also a lot of information that you could use when you have to make a decision. Make no mistake: this isn’t a pregnancy calendar like the ones that have been mentioned before. Rather think of it as a book.

10. Pregnancy and Baby Care

Pregnancy and Baby Care Apps

This application is similar to the one that has been previously presented. It is a kind of portable guide that comes with valuable information regarding pregnancy, having a healthy lifestyle, baby care, nutrition and diet.

Keep in mind that the information presented in pregnancy apps has been provided by professionals of the field, and their advice will help you in your journey of pregnancy and of having a new baby in your home. You also have the possibility to get the latest information in the matter and also to find tutorials and other information on how to be a mother.


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