Use Pregnancy Calculator To Predict Your Due Date Of Pregnancy!

Are you pregnant for the first time and eager to know when your baby will be born?

Make use of pregnancy calculator to predict the due date of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy calculator is a tool used to identify the due date, conception date, number of weeks in your pregnancy, the current week of your pregnancy and also remaining weeks of pregnancy according to your due date.

It also helps know the end of your first and second trimesters as well as find out the possible conception date by using the due date.

Using pregnancy calculator, you can find out the stage of your pregnancy and the developmental changes on weekly basis.

For using pregnancy calculator, enter the details about your last menstrual period (month/date/year) and the number of days of your menstrual cycle. On an average, the menstrual cycle ranges from 22-42 days.Pregnancy Calculator

Once you provide these details, the pregnancy calculator will help you know the possible conception date, due date, end of first trimester, and end of second trimester.

The pregnancy calculator also provides information about number of remaining weeks of pregnancy if you provide your due date. On the other hand, it specifies the due date if you enter the number of weeks throughout your pregnancy.

For example, if you enter your last menstrual period as January 9, 2007 and the number of days in your menstrual cycle to be 28.

Then, the pregnancy calculator will give you details such as conception date – January 23, 2007, the end of first trimester (12 weeks) – April 3, 2007 and the end of second trimester (27 weeks) – July 17, 2007 and your due date (for 40 weeks) – October 16, 2007.

On the other hand, if you enter the due date as September 17, 2007, the pregnancy calculator will specify the total number of weeks of your pregnancy to be 34 weeks[34 weeks pregnant]. Conversely, by specifying number of weeks as 34, you can know the due date as September 17, 2007.

Also, by entering the due date – September 17, 2007 you can know possible conception date as December 10, 2006.

In the pregnancy calculator, you can also know the changes that occur in you and your baby in a weekly basis. For example, select a week and click on the button given below.

You can find the developmental changes of embryo of fetus, symptoms during that week, tips to follow to avoid those symptoms and the care to take during that week.

If you select 4th week, the pregnancy calculator will provide information such as the embryo will be two years old. The embryo implants in the uterus wall. Pregnancy symptoms such as breast tenderness, frequent urination, fatigue and so on can result.

Also, it provides some helpful pregnancy tips such as what to eat and the way to reduce symptoms. It also provides medical tips and considerations during that specified week.

Remember that the pregnancy calculator provides accurate result only when you give correct information. Therefore, use pregnancy calculator and gather information about your pregnancy.


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