Want To Become Pregnant Quickly And Easily? Fertility Charting Techniques For Ovulation Prediction!

Fertility is the ability or best time to conceive. The conception occurs through sexual intercourse or through techniques such as assisted reproductive technology (ART).

When you, as a woman, try to become pregnant, may be surprised at fertility, particularly when you don’t get pregnancy within the first few months of trials.

You as a part of a normal couple with no fertility problems have approximately twenty-five percent chances of becoming pregnant each month when no contraceptive measures are used.

FertilityTherefore, fertility issue will not come into consideration when your trials to get pregnant do not succeed right away. However, several different biological factors must coordinate in a proper way to conceive a baby and timing is a very essential factor.

Remember the key to success when trying to conceive a baby is, knowing when you are most fertile during your monthly menstrual cycle.

Although the fertility differs from person to person and conception can happen at any period of time, the fertility cycle typically follows a predictable pattern.

You can make use of a fertility calendar to chart this cycle. Every month, there are four days where you are most likely to become pregnant. The four days are those that immediately preceed and follow ovulation. Actually, these days occur in the mid of your menstrual cycle.

Ovulation refers to the periodic release of a mature egg or ovum from ovaries where it can be fertilized by sperm of a male.

So, when you are making trials to get pregnant, then start your intercourse before ovulation because the sperm of your sexual partner will survive an average of three to four days in your fallopian tubes.

This allows the sperm to travel into position to fertilize the ovum. The ovum can be fertilized within a day after being released from the ovaries.

However, the date of ovulation can be identified through several different techniques.These charting ovulation techniques are: ovulation calculator, observing cervical mucus changes, and monitoring basal body temperature (BBT)

Using an ovulation calculator is a popular and very simple technique to determine the ovulation date.

The calculations for charting female fertility using an ovulation calculator is tyically based on the number of days in your menstrual cycle and even it is possible to get charted by hand using an ovulation calendar.

As the length of the menstrual cycle is not same for every woman, you can also make use of other charting ovulation techniques, particularly observing changes in cervical mucus and monitoring basal body temperature (BBT).

Generally, these two techniques are recommended to supplement the use of fertility calculator.

The observation of cervical mucus (fluid) changes in your menstrual cycle can help identify the date of ovulation. The same is true with BBT. By using an inexpensive BBT thermometer, you can monitor your basal body temperature and chart the changes to identify your monthly window of fertility.

So, female fertility charting and its associated methods of ovulation prediction can provide reliable fertility information and can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get that long-awaited positive pregnancy test.


  1. Hai, I am Mary i got married 1 year back in that we planned 6 months to avoid baby we used condom and after that we are tried directly and i got pregnant 1 1/2 month i decide to clear that and i taken unwanted tablet after that i got some side infection like dedirness. Now almost 1 year over what to do now future plan. pls reply.

  2. Very good information, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 6 months. I was on birth control fo many years and wondering now if that has effected the chance of me getting pregnant.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.

    Michelle Brutus

  3. hae me and my boyfrnd have been tryin to have a baby for a year and a half now i use birthcontroll for about a month then stoped and we have never used a condom what am i doing wrong? why cant i concive?

    please help

  4. I am married 4 years back & we are trying for a baby. let me tell you i am 100 kgs. above & my hubby is around 70 kg. i feel iritated whenever we do intercourse. can you give me some guidelines…

    please suggest as really want to have babies in my life.. otherwise my life will become hell

  5. Dear all, dis is surekha from chennai , iam married one year myself and my husband was keep on trying to get pregnent. but its no value in that. let me tell the suggessions please.

  6. hey evrybody me &mi fiance been togethr for a year &im tryna get pregnant again but it seems thts not workingg for me , iwant a baby but dont kno whens the best time to get started 🙁

    someone help me
    &give me information please !

  7. hi, this is monisha trying to get pregnant since 3 years but not succeeded. me and my husband are quite healthy. we have gone through all medical checkups. i already tried all the tips which are mentioned above. please give me a sure shot tip.

  8. me and my boyfriend been trying to have a baby for about 2 years. but still i cant conceive. i don’t know whats the problem. i really want to have a baby. please help me.

  9. hi everybody.. iam shewah,. me and my fiancee are been together in a year..we want to have a baby,but its sad to say i didn’t got pregnant..:-(..

    please help me..

    pls give me some information..

  10. hi,i got marry 2 year before.i concieve for 2 month,miscarrige of baby,abortion on 26 march11.now again i trying for baby.my periods on 26 april,23 may,19 june,19 july,16 aug,14 sep.please suggest most fertile day according to lmp

  11. In two years i have had two terminations. last was in march of this year the first one i didnt have any problems after but the obe in march i had retained tissue the doctor said nature will take its course and get rid of it. I have had bad cramping and the last two periods i have had they were late and not as heavy as usual i have had yellow, brow to greenish looking mucus and a bad odour and the day of my period came out on my pad greenisg and dark red. my boyfreind and i of three and a half years have got everythig on track now both have jobs and a house and we are ready but im scared because of the very bad crams and the other thingss i wont be able to get pregnant i dont know if it is strees related moving and job and metting new people but i am very worried because i do want to have babies and we want to try sonetime this year what should i do?


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