10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

During the 10th week of pregnancy, various symptoms and signs will be experienced by the pregnant woman. At this week, there will be developmental changes in the fetus.

This week represents as a stepping stone of pregnancy. After the ninth week, the woman experience 10 weeks pregnant symptoms which are mentioned below.

10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


Fatigue might be experienced in the early pregnancy. Women notice it when they still feel tired or weak after sleeping which is a regular length for them or after a long day. This is due to hormones increase in the body. During the early pregnancy the progesterone hormone levels increases which results in the sleepy mood. Take some time to rest and try to do some exercises when you can do.

Vomiting and nausea

This can result because of your body hormones. The uneasy feeling in the stomach may result in vomiting. It can result in any time of the night or day, particularly during the first trimester, some of the unfamiliar hormonal combination, increase in the stress, and other changes in the body. For controlling the nausea don’t ever skip the meals and follow a healthy diet.

Food aversions and cravings

Here hormones play a major role, particularly in these weeks when your body is adapting to the hormonal havoc. Because of the food aversions and uncomfortable feelings, you would probably let your weight down.

Indigestion and heartburn

A best way to avoid heartburn is not to consume food while lying down or do not lie down after consuming a big meal. While you sleep, use pillows to support your head.


As your hormones make your muscles to relax, your gastrointestinal muscles will also relax which indicates more intestinal gas and indigestion. To be away from this, avoid the foods which produce gas.

Visible veins

The increase in the blood supply is responsible for the crisscrossing of the veins across your breasts and stomach. Those veins take the blood and nutrients to your baby. There is nothing to do; so you should wait till they disappear.


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