10 Weeks Pregnant

-End of the Embryonic Period!

By the time you are 10 weeks pregnant, you will find some relief from morning sickness, but you will still appear tired, moody and nauseated.

You may begin to notice some blotchiness on your face. You can also recognize the skin problems due to the changes in your body’s level of hormones.

First medical exam

This is the week of the first medical exam for your pregnancy and this is your chance to hear the baby’s heart for the first time. The medical exam may be a little scary but the future mother should keep in mind that this is the first stepping stone in the life of their little one and this is important to be monitored by a doctor.

10th week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

10 weeks pregnant pictures

Further hormonal changes

When you are in week 10 of pregnancy, there is more good news for moms-to-be. There is substantial growth in the placenta – both, in size and functioning.

This changes some of the hormones in your baby’s body, thus reducing some of the hormonal burden on you.

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can affect your gums and thus they become swollen and inflamed.

This condition is called pregnancy gingivitis. Usually this condition appears in between third to ninth month of your pregnancy.

You need to continue to take good care of yourself when you are 10 weeks pregnant as you are still not safe from the chances of miscarriage. Make sure that the environment around you is good and pleasant.

This week, your pregnancy enters into more stable state and there is a smaller amount of shift in the hormone levels. Also, your morning sickness will start to reduce and you will take a sigh of relief.

There is 40-50% increase in your blood volume and you will particularly notice the veins in your tummy, legs and breasts in the tenth week of pregnancy.

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time

By the end of week 10 pregnancy, you can hear your baby’s heartbeat when you visit your doctor’s office and also by this week, your waistline slowly disappears.

Your pregnancy becomes more obvious

Even now your body is not showing too much of you being 10 weeks pregnant but your near and dear ones will start noticing the slight physical changes in you. The world of course will come to know about it a little later.

Sustain your muscle with proper workouts

Depending on your muscular tonus you can consider swimming and walking as the best physical exercise for this pregnancy week. The prenatal yoga also helps reduce the anxiety so you should start planning weekly sessions for weeks to come.

Fetal Development in 10 Weeks Pregnant

Care you need to take when you are in week 10 pregnancy

Visit to the dentist

Pregnancy at 10 weeks is an excellent period to schedule a dental appointment. Moms-to-be should pay proper attention to their oral health. If the pregnant women have periodontal diseases, then they are more likely to deliver a preterm and low birth weight baby.

Along with regular dental checkups, you need to take adequate vitamins B, C and D and also calcium and proteins for the healthy teeth and gums.

Take care of your comfort

Buy new bras for you will feel pain in your breast increasing during this week.

The baby movements will be sensed this week; so it is better to expect them and rejoice in feeling them. Most women describe the event as a very emotional one. Keeping comfortable must be a priority for you since your state of mind is influencing the development of the little one.

It’s normal to feel tired

Remember that it is normal to feel very tired when you are 10 weeks pregnant. Make sure you are ready to give up house chores or work tasks if you feel exhausted. Also taking afternoon naps is a very good idea during this week.

No stress

Make sure that the environment around you is good and pleasant. Avoid stressful situations and unpleasant excitement.

If you feel like faint you must remember that this is very normal during this week. Symptoms like fainting are frequent during the first trimester and they can continue during the whole pregnancy.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 10 weeks pregnant

The average size of your 10 week fetus is 27-35 millimeters and the baby weighs up to five grams. Your tiny baby grows as fast as possible, almost doubles in the size in the past three weeks.

Your baby’s major organic systems emerge along with the working of digestive tract which is able to move the food all the way through its bowels.

  • By this week, your baby will get verifiable toes and fingers.
  • Baby’s eyelids will fuse and remain shut until the weeks of 25-27.
  • The upper lip appears completely and the external genitals begin to appear.
  • Skeleton bones grow rapidly and the eyelids develop.

End of the embryonic stage

When you are in week 10, it is considered as the end of the embryonic period, and the embryo acquires human appearance and from the next week onwards, your baby is considered as a fetus.

First sign of activity in major organs

During pregnancy week 10, internal organs start to develop and the essential organs like liver, kidney, brain and intestine start to function.

The spine is very visible and the spinal nerves are spreading and start working during this week. Your baby will now start growing in length faster than before and will also begin to swallow the amniotic fluid which surrounds it.

This week marks the beginning of the hair growth for your baby. Remember that all the above changes can be noticed with the help of 10 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

Health and safety tips for pregnancy week 10

More tests

The period between 10-13 weeks is the time for having the test called chorionic villus sampling. If you are considering taking this test, then you need to look for a hospital or health center with a strong safety record and need to wait until the end of the week 10 pregnancy.

No smoking

Avoid the exposure to second hand smoke. If you find yourself in the environment where people are smoking, then you should immediately move from there.

Positive attitude and relaxation

Make sure you start including relaxing activities in your schedule. It is very important for you to be relaxed for your baby to grow healthy and strong. Keep in mind that inside you grows a new life and you are responsible for it both physically and emotionally.

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10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms


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