11 Weeks Pregnant

-An End to Your Morning Sickness!

As you approach the time when you are 11 weeks pregnant, towards the end of first trimester of the pregnancy, for most of you, your pregnancy begins to show. This is the right time to inform others about the good news particularly the ones in your professional circle.

End of embryonic stage

During this week, various changes are observed in you and your baby’s body. Your baby is no longer an embryo and the new life growing inside you is now called a fetus.

Green light for traveling

If you plan on taking a trip, this week starts the time frame when you can consider traveling. The period between the end of the first trimester (morning sickness time) and the third trimester (excessive fatigue time) starts when you are 11 weeks pregnant.

11th week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

11 weeks pregnant picturesIf you still experience morning sickness, this comes to an end by the end of week 11. Growing placenta along with your baby’s growing pituitary gland gives you a break on the production of hormones by this week.

Now the focus is on the beginning of second trimester of pregnancy. The second trimester is most appropriately characterized by plenty of growth for both you and your little one

Uterus rises

By the end of week 11, your uterus will rise above the pelvic bones; your doctor can recognize it with an external examination. A vertical dark line of pigmentation called as linea-nigra, coming from your naval down to the pubic hair will appear shortly.

Increased hair and nail growth

When you are in pregnancy 11 weeks, you will start feeling pregnant whether you are starting to look pregnant or not! Your hair and finger nails also start growing rapidly during this time and if it is still not happening now, it will surely happen in the near future.

Weight gain

All your early signs of pregnancy will start to fade and you will start gaining about 1 pound a week after now. There are a lot of women who have nausea and other signs of pregnancy throughout the nine months. If you are one such person, don’t panic. Your healthcare provider will keep a tab on the changes going on in you and will give you suitable advice for the same.

Kegel exercises

Have you heard about the Kegel exercises? If you haven’t yet, it is a good idea to try it out now. Start by contracting the vaginal muscles when you urinate and after a while you will be able to do this while you stand. Remember that this is the handiest method to train the pelvic area for birth dilatation.

Hot flashes

If you experience 11 weeks pregnant symptoms such as hot flashes, know that they are perfectly normal. The blood flow is increased and with the morning sickness disappearing you are looking more and more beautiful every day.

Care you need to take when you are 11 weeks pregnant

The right amount of food

You need to make a conscious effort in order to increase your healthy consumption of food, by choosing especially the foods rich in vitamins. But, this doesn’t mean that life is an open buffet. Before you start eating something, consider that if it does not cause any benefit for you, then it also doesn’t do any good for your developing baby either.

If you still feel hungry after having the dinner, be aware that a supplementary portion of ice-cream as dessert is not a good idea.

Try to eat fruits, vegetables, fish and wholegrain bread along with jam. Consuming good nutritious food is essential for you and your developing baby – especially now when you are 11 weeks pregnant.

There are no major food dangers you should stay away from during pregnancy, however you should limit the intake of sea food because its high content in mercury can be hazardous for the baby’s growth.

Proper hydration

In order to prevent frequent headaches during this week, make sure you hydrate properly. Consult your doctor to know about the safety of medication called Tylenol to treat headaches. Generally, this medication is considered safe during pregnancy.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are in pregnancy week 11

By this week, your 11 week fetus is about the size of 50 millimeters and weighs up to 8 grams. Your little one will gain a substantial amount of weight this week.

Coordinated movements

Your baby starts to explore its body. The baby focuses more carefully on touching the head, particularly the face and mouth. Particularly the mouth of your baby gives it hours of entertainment. All this happens because your baby gains coordination so that he/she is able to move the hands on command. The baby’s palms also gain sensation and they can feel whatever it touches.

Swallow effect and increasing muscle mass

The swallow reflex of your baby begins to develop by this week and with it the baby hiccups appear. Although you are not able to feel the baby’s activity quite yet, the baby is increasingly moving as the bones are becoming harder and the muscle mass of the fetus is increasingly developing.

Primary senses

By the end of week 11 of pregnancy, your baby’s smell and various other olfactory senses start to develop. When these senses are combined with the maturing taste buds, they give your baby its first experience of taste and smell.

Organs development during the 11th pregnancy week

The primitive tail is now gone and most of the baby’s organs start to work and external factors like appearance of hair, toenails and fingernails will develop. Your baby’s reproductive organs start to develop rapidly.

Your baby is able to open and close the fists and this can be observed with 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Also there is beginning of little buds which will pop out as teeth someday.

Health tips for 11 weeks pregnancy

Eating sensibly

Don’t eat excessively because it leads to the development of unhealthy cravings. If you gain more than 35 pounds throughout your pregnancy, then it makes your postpartum weight loss very difficult. Now that you are in 11 weeks pregnancy, eat sensible, and eat healthy, at least until your baby is born.

Eating safe

Make sure you stay away from digestive issues as much as possible. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consuming them. Be aware of the expiring date of the food you eat and make sure that you do not consume anything that may upset your stomach.

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