13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You are into the second trimester now! Most of the early pregnancy symptoms will decrease soon or may have decreased. Your anxiety may also subside as the miscarriage risk is significantly less after the first trimester of pregnancy.

The second trimester is often an easiest trimester. This is mostly because of the energy regain by the women. This energy regain occurs as the vital organs of the baby have formed, by giving the mother’s body a little bit rest from the production.

13 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

In this stage, you will experience some 13 weeks pregnant symptoms. Here are the symptoms of 13 weeks pregnant.

Decreasing nausea

Although it is common for the morning sickness to remain in the 2nd trimester, your ill days are likely coming to an end. This is because, your body has adapted to the increased hormones driving you into the baby mode.

Decreasing fatigue

You body has now adapted to the pregnancy. These days you may start to feel less tired. Consider directing your energy to carry out your routine work, but do not go overboard.

Visible veins

The additional volume of the blood which is produced at the time of pregnancy put additional pressure on the blood vessels. These work against the gravity to push the additional blood back to your heart. Additional to that, your growing uterus also puts pressure on the pelvic blood vessels. Because of all these circumstances, you could notice these visible veins. These are also called as varicose veins which are good (that is the increased supply of blood is carrying much required nutrients to the baby). This veins network disappears after your delivery.

Increased appetite

At this stage your nausea is reducing and it is the perfect time to enjoy your food again. You may also find that your appetite is increasing along with the baby. Enjoy your favorite pickles and ice cream!


At the time of pregnancy, the muscle which is present at the top of the belly relaxes, permitting the digestive acids to ascend into your esophagus. This causes a burning sensation in the chest. You can reduce your pain by being away from the triggers of heartburn like chocolate, spicy foods, mint, alcohol, fatty foods, caffeinated drinks, or citrus.


Bowel muscles will also relax at the time of pregnancy because of the hormones. This means that your bowels move the waste out of the system less efficiently. If you notice yourself backed up, start adding the foods with high fiber into your diet slowly.

Round ligament pain

You may notice some abdominal pain in the 13th week. This is because of the ligaments which hold up the uterus expansion to make room for the baby. This is known as the round ligament pain. This is quite normal and usually associates with the expansion which is necessary for the uterus to grow.


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