16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The pregnant women who are in the 16th week of their pregnancy fall under 2nd trimester. Most of the pregnant women have already overwhelmed the worst phase of morning sickness.

At this week you can expect lot of things to happen in the body. In this stage you will experience some 16 weeks pregnant symptoms. But the pregnancy symptoms are not same for every woman, and it differs from woman to woman.

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Here is the list of symptoms that may occur in the 16th week of pregnancy.


As your tummy is getting larger, your lower back will curve to make sufficient room for the load. This results in strain in your back muscles. You can ease these kinds of sore muscles by having a warm shower or bath or by having a prenatal massage.

Nasal congestion

The pregnancy hormones can cause your mucus membranes present in the body to swell, also including those present in your nose. If this results in the nasal irritation, congestion, and even if there is nosebleeds, using nasal strips and saline nasal spray can provide you some relief.


Besides your pregnancy hormones which causes the sluggish state to your gastrointestinal tract, your growing uterus is also now applying pressure on the bowels which can significantly back up the things. Try to increase the intake of liquid amounts to keep everything move along.

Breast growth

As you are 16 weeks pregnant, your breasts may continue to grow in size and become much tender. And you may also notice that you have already commenced making colostrum (a milk kind of substance packed with the nutrients to maintain the baby in early days). But don’t get worried about this, as your breasts will return back to the normal size after the baby’s delivery and weaning.

Vaginal discharge

Though your vaginal discharge is beneficial to the body, it may not be comfortable. Don’t try feminine wipes or douches, as they can irritate your genital tract and can lead to infection.

Varicose veins

To reduce these swollen blood vessels in the legs, you should maintain an ideal weight (try to be within the suggested range), as the additional weight increases the stress on the circulatory system.


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