18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You are almost in the halfway of your pregnancy now. At this stage you will experience some 18 weeks pregnant symptoms. During this week, some women may experience increase in the appetite.

Try to consume healthy foods which contain rich fiber. Some women will gain weight of about 13 pounds by this week; however, this varies from woman to woman.

If you have gained less or more, consult your physician to ensure that you are on the healthy track.

18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Here are some symptoms which may occur in the 18th week of pregnancy.

Swollen feet and ankles

This is an annoying symptom during pregnancy, but nothing to be worried about this as long as the swelling is not severe or sudden. As the tissues of your body accumulate fluid, you may find some swelling in your feet and ankles. Try to reduce the retention of water in the feet by avoiding sitting and standing for very long periods, and whenever you can, keep your legs in the elevated position.

Light-headedness or dizziness

Some pregnant women may have the symptoms of light-headedness or dizziness in the 18th week of their pregnancy. You may find this light-headedness or dizziness when you quickly get up from the chair. You can alleviate dizziness by altering the positions while sitting down, standing, or by not moving quickly.

Stretch marks

These stretch marks might become prominent as your stomach stretches, and also itching might increase if the rashes develop. If the appearance of these new stretch marks makes you feel down, then rub some moisturizing lotion on your stomach, and you may also massage in that place.

Increased appetite

An increased appetite is a very common symptom at 18 weeks of the pregnancy. As you are not nauseous in this stage, it is normal to be hungrier than in normal times. You make sure that you choose healthy snacks and foods and also foods which are rich in nutrients and vitamins for your baby.

Varicose veins

If your varicose veins in the legs are beginning to ache or itch, try to wear a support hose which puts pressure on your legs and provides little upward push to the blood towards the heart. Put them before getting out of your bed in the morning time to avoid the blood from pooling.

Pregnancy brain

Forgetfulness is a common symptom of pregnancy which can be expected at the 18th week. You may notice that you forget meetings, essential tasks, and appointments. This absent-mindedness which you are experiencing is called as a pregnant brain. Though it is disturbing, it is a common symptom in the 2nd and the 3rd trimester. To get relief from this, writing down everything will be much better which may help you to remember.


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