19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At this week, you are almost in the midst of your second trimester.

This stage is mostly known as the golden trimester, as this period is comfortable with the symptoms, pregnancy, and other changes that take place in the body.

In this stage you will experience 19 weeks pregnant symptoms like dizziness, mild breathlessness and so on.

This is a key week for both baby and the mother. The most important symptom of this week is high blood pressure.

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You should be very careful about this. Here are some symptoms and changes in your body that may occur during your 19th week of pregnancy.

Dizziness or light-headedness

The developing uterus might put strain on the blood vessels which decreases the flow of blood to your brain and that results in the light-headedness feeling. Though the dizziness is very common, do not avoid that, lie down or sit when you feel light-headedness so that you will not hurt your baby or yourself.


As your uterus is growing, you may feel mild breathlessness. There is nothing to be worried about that, but if you experience that severely, you should check with the doctor.

Lower abdominal pain

The ligaments which support the uterus will get stretched as the uterus is expanding. This can result in the lower abdominal pain or the round ligament achiness. Make yourself comfortable and prevent altering the positions suddenly as this can generate the pain.


You might notice that the heartburn occurs more likely as the uterus pushes towards up against your belly. As the food movement through your digestive tract has slowed down, the nutrients reach your fetus without any difficulty, normally in 1 to 2 hours after your meals.

Skin changes

  • You might find some changes in the skin. Your palms become red because of the additional estrogen. You might also have some patches of the darkened skin which is the result of the temporary increase in the pigment. When these kind of dark patches occur on the forehead, upper lip, and cheeks, they are known as mask of the pregnancy or chloasma.
  • You might also find some darkening of the scars, nipples, vulva, freckles, inner thighs, and underarms. That kind of darkened running line from the tummy button to the pubic bone is known as dark line or linea nigra.

Stretch marks

Most of the women develop these stretch marks at the time of pregnancy. So do not be worried about this. As there is no proven medication, moisturizers like cocoa butter can aid in easing the itching and drying in the area of stretched skin.


As the uterus is growing, you might notice that your center of gravity is shifting forward and putting additional pressure on the lower back. Prevent straining your back.


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