19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Ultrasound is an anatomy scan which is sometimes known as morphology scan, mid trimester ultrasound or 19 week scan. This ultrasound is often done between eighteen to twenty two weeks.

It is mainly done to check the baby’s gender, structures, and the placental position.

The doctors generally prescribe 19 weeks pregnant ultrasound which is done in the 19th week of the pregnancy. This is a common week for having an ultrasound scan.

19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound


At this week, you may be probably getting excited for your ultrasound. Most of the future parents think of this test as they can know the baby’s gender.

The person who is carrying out this ultrasound is called as sonographer who will check the baby’s development. The sonographer will scan the baby’s body to check whether the baby is developing properly or not.

The fetal brain, lips, head, heart, face, kidneys, stomach, legs, abdominal wall, bladder, feet, spine, hands, chest, and arms are analyzed. A well timed analysis is always expected to find most of the major structural malformations of the fetus.

It is essential to know that even with a good ultrasound equipment and a professional examiner, all the abnormalities might not be found. This is easy to comprehend the condition where it causes no structural alterations in fetus, or where the only development of abnormality takes place in the later pregnancy.

This week is mainly chosen for so many reasons.

  • The fetus is big enough to analyze properly in about all the cases.
  • At this week, the pregnancy is early enough for the pregnant women in order to consider all kind of options if any severe problems are detected.
  • Another essential reason is the abnormalities commonly do not occur after this period.
  • The sonographer will let you know if there is any difficulty detected through the ultrasound, even before your doctor knows. A follow up might be recommended to clarify. You will be provided with the detailed information on whether this condition is probably minor or severe.
  • Always the 2nd opinion of this ultrasound results is available as it is difficult in accepting the key news from the person whom you don’t know well.

If any abnormality is detected!

This ultrasound is a painless procedure. Baby’s gender is determined during this scan and also your expected delivery date is double checked by your baby’s development. Doctor will also analyze the umbilical cord and placenta, and he/she takes many measurements of the baby, along with analyzing the baby’s organs for abnormalities. Finally you get a beautiful profile of the baby and they will also provide you few pictures to take to your home.


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