20 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms – What to Expect

In case you are thinking about the 20 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms you should know that you are already past the first half of your pregnancy.

Most probably the second half won’t be as difficult as the first one, mostly because you already know what to expect.

20 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Indigestion and heartburn

The problem appears because the muscles relax as a result of progesterone and they allow the stomach acid to get back to the esophagus. To make it better you could try chewing some sugarfree gum after meals. This way you will have more saliva that will neutralize the effects of the stomach acid.

Vaginal discharge

When thinking about the signs and symptoms during the 20th pregnancy week you should expect to notice an increased amount of vaginal discharge. Although it might seem uncomfortable, the advantage of it is that this way you won’t get any vaginal infections and you will have the right balance of bacteria.


This one of the 20 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms usually appears when you are overheated or under fluorescent lights. It is important for you to get fresh air from time to time and when dressing up, you should have layers so that you won’t get overheated.

Dizziness and faintness

The 20th week of pregnancy signs and symptoms can appear when you are in a crowded room. The problem arises because your body is generating a lot of heat. Again, to make sure that you won’t be affected by the problem you should take breaks and take a walk in the fresh air.

Leg cramps

The truth is that the specialists don’t know too much about this one of the 20 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms. It is possible that the cramps are caused by the compressed blood vessels. To make it better you should keep your feet elevated and make sure that you drink plenty of water.

Swelling of the feet and ankles

During pregnancy, it is common to notice water retention that causes some of the 20th pregnancy week symptoms and signs. This is why it is important to wear only comfortable shoes and switch to slippers when you are at home. Don’t wear pantyhose or tight socks because they can cut off the blood circulation.

Although the 20 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms may seem scary, you can be sure that you can find ways to make all of them better.


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