21 Week Pregnant Symptoms

Now you are in the second trimester. Wonderful changes are occurring in your body and your baby’s body.

There are some 21 week pregnant symptoms which you may experience at this stage.

But these symptoms differ from woman to woman.

You should also concentrate on what to drink and eat, and which exercises are safe in this stage.

21 Week Pregnant Symptoms

Fetal movement

By this week you may be able to experience your baby’s turns, twists and kicks in your womb. Enjoy these gentle movements and soon your baby’s kicks will be more aggressive.

Varicose veins

The additional volume of blood and weight you are carrying can apply pressure on the circulatory system and result in the swollen blood vessels which are called as varicose veins. Maintain your weight gain; don’t go beyond the healthy limits as it may put more pressure on the circulatory system.


Not only your center of gravity is shifting and applying more pressure on the back, but a hormone called relaxin also results in the joints and ligaments to loosen and stretch, which leads to the additional pain in the back.


The increase of your uterus is setting pressure on the rectum which means that you are having a very hard time comprising yourself (that is, your gas). Drink lots of water and consume foods which consist of rich fiber to avoid constipation, which can also make the gassiness worse.

Bleeding gums

Avoid consuming sticky candies, particularly when you cannot brush later. This sweet stuff raises bacteria in the mouth and then causes irritation to your gums which might result in bleeding.


The hormones which induce the relaxation to the gastrointestinal system and produce gas can also result in bloating.

Stretch marks

As your baby is growing, your skin becomes pulled thinner. Don’t worry, these stretch marks should fade considerably after your baby’s birth. Daily apply cocoa butter lotion to keep your skin moisturized.


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