22 Week Pregnant Symptoms

In the 22nd week of your pregnancy, various noticeable changes begin to appear in your body when you enter into this phase.

Your baby is in the development stage and you going through several changes.

Several initial symptoms of pregnancy are going to fade and you are going to have some 22 week pregnant symptoms in this stage.

You are now supposed to have different kind of pains, new appearing symptoms and mood fluctuations along with the emotions.

22 Week Pregnant Symptoms

Increased vaginal discharge

As your pregnancy advances, you will find an increased vaginal discharge. It may be uncomfortable but this discharge indeed helps in protecting the birth canal from the infection and manages a healthy bacterial balance in the vagina.

Most noticeable change

The most noticeable change this week is the weight gain. You surely gain weight in this week. The increasing rate of weight gain is nearly 1 pound in each week. You should consult your physician to know the ideal weight gain.


A strange symptom that you may begin to have during this week is forgetfulness. This is also known as pregnancy brain, being much forgetful at the time of pregnancy is common. You may be distracted easily or having tough time to focus on the tasks. You may also forget about essential events or meetings that you are supposed to go to.

Stretch marks

You may notice stretch marks not only on your stomach but also on thighs, breasts, and hips. Apply moisturizer all over the body. It will help in easing the itchiness and dryness.


Constipation is mainly due to the hormones that slow down the digestive process and the raises pressure on the bowels by expanding the uterus. The uterus directly rests on the bladder which can result in the urination problems like slowed urine elimination, frequent urination and the possibility for the infection of the urinary tract. Start doing exercises regularly which may encourage the bowel movements.

Occasional dizziness or faintness

Your growing uterus can apply stress on the blood vessels, which leads to the reduced flow of blood to the brain and results in the light headedness. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain the blood pump through the circulatory system.


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