27 Weeks Pregnant Fetus

At 27th week, the baby will regularly wake and sleep and may even dream. The baby can close and open the eyes and also may suck the fingers. In this stage your baby’s brain and lungs are starting to mature.

The brain of your baby is active now with the development of more brain tissue. While the lungs of the baby are still immature, they would function with the medical help if the baby is to be born in this stage. There is some noticeable development in 27 weeks pregnant fetus.

27 Weeks Pregnant Fetus

Here is the list of fetal development in 27 weeks.

Baby’s eyes

The eyes of your baby will open this week. The baby’s eyes do not give any reaction to the light in the coordinated manner in this stage, as the retina is not completely matured.

Stronger movements and kicks

As your baby is grown up than before, the baby has only little space to move around in the mother’s womb. Because of this you will experience stronger movements and kicks from now onwards.

Reproductive organs

At this week, the reproductive organs of your baby are in their appropriate places. If your baby is a girl, her ovaries will consist of all the egg producing follicles. If the baby is a boy, his testicles will move down to the scrotum (a skin pouch which contains testicles).

Baby’s hiccups

If you experience any rhythmic movements inside your stomach in this week, these are the hiccups of the baby. These hiccups are quite ordinary, and each episode of the hiccup remains for few moments.

Baby’s brain

The brain of the baby will undergo some essential development at this stage as the brain tissue is growing. As the brain is processing actively many senses, it is possible for the baby to start dreaming. Here the brain tissues are developing very fast.


Most of the babies suck their fingers or thumbs within the mother’s womb at the 27th week of pregnancy.

Size of the baby

By this week, the baby will be about two pounds and about six and a half inches long when measured from crown to rump. Not only the baby’s brain is growing, the baby may also grow up to 1 inch in this week alone.

Baby’s movements

During the baby’s active periods, the baby should move ten times per hour. Choose a convenient hour and count the movements. If your baby has not moved for ten times, drink some healthy fluids (like juice) and again count for another hour. Call your physician if your baby has not moved at least for 10 times during any stretch of 2 hours.


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