29 Weeks Pregnant

-Time to Check Fetal Kick Count!

Your baby’s growth during the third trimester or when you are 29 weeks pregnant is very rapid because within few weeks he/she has to enter its new world and is preparing for the important event.

Check and record each and every movement of your baby inside the womb. You need to observe the kicks and movements of your baby inside your womb.

You can buy a fetal kick monitor to record the kicks every hour. If you observe any change in the movements of your baby, then immediately inform to your health care provider.

There are some changes that take place in you and your baby during 29th week of pregnancy; and as the delivery date comes closer your bond with the little one also becomes more active.

Week 29 pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

29 weeks pregnant picturesIf you are a working woman, from this week onwards you will feel little more discomfort while working

This is the time to make necessary arrangements for your maternity leave in order to stay away from any undesired hassles.

By 29th week of pregnancy, on an average scale you will gain the weight of 20-24 pounds and your uterus is roughly 3 to 4 inches above your naval.

Time for heartburns

You will experience few discomforts like pregnancy constipation and heartburn.

You will have to suffer with breathing problems for the remaining period until your child birth. You can avoid heartburn by having several small meals every day and consuming lots of liquids, especially water

Constipation and hemorrhoids

Some other issues in the pregnancy 29 weeks that you will suffer from include hemorrhoids due to the increased size of the uterus and gas problems due to decreased digestion and over-crowding in your abdomen.

When you eat, try small meals and chew slowly to reduce the amount of air that enters your stomach. Drink 6-7 glasses of water every day to avoid constipation. You should avoid taking laxatives because many of them are dangerous for the baby.

Watch your health

You might also notice sleeping and activity patterns of your baby in pregnancy week 29 and by now you will have been well accustomed to them.

It’s important that you contact your doctor if you happen to notice anything abnormal in your body or feel any abnormality in your pregnancy itself. Make sure you are extra careful with what you eat and avoid any type of effort that may make you excessively tired.

Pamper yourself

It’s important that you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy at least from now on as you won’t even have a second to realize when you are being whisked away to the labor room. Get manicures and pedicures done, get a nice prenatal massage done – in short, get done anything and everything possible for you to relax and enjoy this free time.

Fetal Development in 29 Weeks Pregnant

Care you need to take when you are in 29th week of pregnancy

If you feel that hemorrhoids are itchy, then apply a cold compress or hot pad i.e. medicated with a slight witch hazel on the concerned area.


Continue doing the exercises. Walking is essential that can make you feel more energetic. Practice the workouts that help in strengthening your abdominal muscles that support your back. At this time, don’t practice the workouts, which require you to lie down on your back.

Don’t overdo the workouts as they can damage your baby’s brain.

Iron supplements

Take iron and calcium supplements regularly. You need to get 30 milligrams of iron each day because iron deficiency is the most common problem during pregnancy.

Focus on maintaining a positive attitude and try to visualize that you and your baby will be fine in order to reduce the feeling of anxiety.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 29 weeks pregnant

When you are in 29th week, your baby is about the size of 15½-16½ inches long, weighs about 2.5 pounds and appears more like a newborn every day. By now, your baby’s head is in proportion to the rest of the body. The baby has well-developed hair on his/her head by this week.

By this time, the fat accumulation in your baby is nearly 3.5% of their overall body weight. The baby starts to build certain essential blood components.

Baby’s brain is maturing

By the end of week 29 of pregnancy, your baby’s brain is in control of its body temperature and its primitive breathing. Your baby’s brain is also maturing fast so as to produce millions and millions of neurons every single day.

Little one shows preference for certain foods

At this stage, the 29 week fetus needs more and more nutrients which it takes from you to prepare itself to grow enough for a proper delivery. It’s essential for it to grow properly before it comes out of your tummy.

During this week, your baby is increasingly becoming sensitive to changes and may even have preferences or disdain for certain odors or tastes.

Getting into birthing position

With 29 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you can see that the baby has begun to move side-to-side and is preparing for its birthing position which is head down. Sometimes you might feel your baby doing somersaults in your tummy.

Facts to know in 29 weeks pregnancy


Do you know about the drug pitocin? This is a drug used to accelerate the labor process. This is used in 1/3rd of all the births.

Pitocin causes hard labor from the onset. The drug causes to induce frequent and regular contractions from the beginning, different from natural labor. When you are 29 weeks pregnant, it is essential to know that when you take the drug, you must be under your doctor’s observation to monitor the reactions to the drug.

Breastfeeding benefits

Are you planning or deciding whether or not to breastfeed? There are various benefits of breastfeeding as breastfeeding regulates the production of hormone that helps you to relax.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is produced from breastfeeding and it increases the uterine contractions to reduce vaginal bleeding after the birth. It will also help you lose the weight which you gained during pregnancy.

Get more information on what to expect when you are 30 weeks pregnant.

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