31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You are in the third trimester now! You are only few weeks away to the delivery, and may experience mixed emotions.

This is normal particularly for a first timer. Your baby weighs about 3 and a half pounds and about 16 and a half inches long.

You will experience 31 weeks pregnant symptoms now. Pains and aches along with the anxiety feelings, may increase during this time.

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Frequent urination

Your uterus puts much strain on the bladder during the third trimester, giving it only less space for the urine storage. It results in the frequent urination condition.

The additional blood at the time of pregnancy is responsible for the additional fluid which is being processed by the kidneys and into the bladder. Because of this don’t cut liquids as your body requires steady fluids supply during your pregnancy.

Difficulty in sleeping

This is another third trimester symptom which is caused by the destiny of the other conditions like frequent urination, leg cramps, anxiety, and heartburn. If the tension keeps tossing and turning you all the night, you should talk to your partner in the day time.


Not only your center of gravity is shifting and applying more pressure on the back, but a hormone called relaxin also results in the joints and ligaments to loosen and stretch, which leads to the additional pain in the back. The expanding stomach can do a lot on your back because it curves to make room for the load. If you did not start yet, this is the time to include some prenatal yoga into routine exercise of yours, and the stretches relax your back.


It is the first food of the baby. Your breasts may start preparing for the lactation, and even start leaking this colostrum, which is a yellowish, sticky substance. In the later part of the pregnancy, you may notice increase in the leakage of colostrum. This is absolutely normal because your body is preparing for the delivery.

Braxton Hicks contractions

You may experience these contractions in this week. Your tightening uterus may be experienced in the form of little contractions. These may be Braxton Hicks contractions, which are natural contractions that prepare the mother for labor. As your due date is coming closer, these contractions become more intense and stronger.

Occasional headaches

If the tension is twisting your head, try to spend some time in a quiet and dark room. If you are at your work, close your eyes and for fifteen minutes put your feet up.


During your third trimester of pregnancy, there may be a condition of shrinking the volume of brain cell. Do not be stressed out about this foggy memory. Write down the things and delegate your responsibility.


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