31 Weeks Pregnant

-Time for Leakage of Colostrums or Pre-Milk!

By the time you are 31 weeks pregnant, the only important body organ that remains less developed in your baby is the lungs. Eyelashes and eyebrows are already developed. This week also there are various changes that take place in you and your baby.

As the baby’s digestive system is still developing and the need for nutrients increases in this last trimester so you will have to increase the nutrients consumption further.

Your baby may become restless and your sleeping issues may aggravate.

Week 31 pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

Squeezed stomach, swollen feet, contractions and tightened muscles are the most common conditions that you experience during 31 weeks pregnancy.

Braxton Hicks contractions

31 weeks pregnant picturesAre you feeling anything that can be suspected as contractions? Braxton-Hicks contractions are part of the second half of the pregnancy and they become more frequent during the third trimester of your pregnancy.

These are false labor contractions and don’t confuse them with premature labor. These contractions are not painful, but you will feel little uncomfortable with them.

If you are 31 weeks pregnant and observe the contractions 4-6 times in an hour or you notice any changes in your vaginal discharge, then immediately call your health care provider.


Colostrum or pre-milk may start leaking from your breasts.

For some pregnant women, it is thin and watery and for others it is thick and yellowish. If you don’t experience these conditions, don’t panic; this is completely normal.

Baby kick count

Check your baby’s kick counts by using the fetal kick count monitor. If you observe any change, or the movements become less frequent or stop completely, then immediately contact your health care provider.

Doubts about maternity

During this week, you will experience 31 weeks pregnant symptoms such as aches and pains including the feelings of anxiety. Some of the pregnant women may become scared by their own lack of maternal feelings. This is completely the most common and natural feeling that most of the pregnant women experience.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

You will experience burning and numbness in your hands, which are the most common signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a common condition in up to 25% of pregnant women.

During pregnancy, weight gain, swelling and hormonal effects can compress the nerves inside your wrists. These conditions cause the symptoms like tingling, numbness and pain. These may get worse at night, but they will disappear after the delivery.

Preparing for due date

Your uterus is about 4½ inches above the belly button in pregnancy week 31 and it will continue to evolve in the 10 weeks to go. Get ready for the labor and delivery. Do maternity shopping and buy the necessary clothing and equipment that you need at the time of labor and delivery.

It is about time to start talking with your partner about the possibility of circumcision if you are going to have a boy. This is also the moment to decide if you would like to take labor drugs in case you choose a standard delivery.

Care you need to take when you are in 31st week of pregnancy

  • If you still experience heartburn, then try to eat small and frequent meals.
  • To reduce the low back pain, get off your feet and elevate them above your heart.
  • At this time, your baby’s bones harden; so your calcium needs will increase. Make sure that your diet is rich in calcium, iron, folic acid supplements and protein.
  • If you experience the leakage of the colostrums and you plan to breast feed your baby, it would be a good idea to start wearing a breastfeeding bra. Make sure you pick a bra one size bigger than you need now because the breasts will grow after delivery.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnancy is the most important period for your baby’s final growth phase. By this week, your 31 week fetus is about the size of 17 inches long and weighs up to 4 pounds. Physical growth rate has slowed down a bit and your baby gains half a pound of weight for every week until 2 weeks before the labor.

Evolution continues

Your baby’s skin begins to appear more and more like it will look after the delivery; it’s slowly turning pink from red, which can be seen in 31 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

The baby’s immune system become stronger and it can face the disease-causing substances.

Bone structure and lung development

The baby’s noggin still looks soft because the skull bones are not yet combined together. The softness of the skull of your baby allows for smoother passage through the birth canal at the time of labor.

Phosphorous, calcium, and iron are being stored and your baby’s bones are hardening and growing. These last few weeks are vital for proper lung growth in your baby.

Brain activity

Your baby’s brain is now producing hundreds of millions of nerve cells. The neurons are active and firing and your baby is becoming more and more responsive. The baby’s nerve cells and connections start to function and the baby is able to feel the pain.

The baby responds to sound

Also, your baby may move to the rhythm of music now. The baby recognizes a multitude of sounds and the sound of your voice is the stimulus he or she is the most responsive to.

Diet & health tips for 31 weeks pregnancy

As your baby gains half a pound of weight per week, it is most important for you to consume a healthy diet.

  • Reduce the amount of sugar intake.
  • Consume natural fruit juice pops as much as you can.
  • Being hydrated is more essential during this time.
  • Make time for Lamaze exercises and chat with your Lamaze group.

Make sure you talk about your feelings and communicate with your family and friends. It will help you fight the anxiety and sometimes it is enough to hear from somebody else that it will be fine.

Find out what to expect when you are 32 weeks pregnant.

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