Dealing with 32 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

When thinking about the 32 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms you should know that their majority is caused by the expanding uterus that is pressing against the other organs.

The rest of the bothersome (or not so bothersome) symptoms are caused by the pregnancy hormones.

32 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms


You should know about hemorrhoids that in fact they are varicose veins in the rectum that can turn out to be quite painful. Usually the pain gets worse if you spend a lot of time sitting. It may be helpful to use witch hazel or ice packs. A warm bath can also make the symptoms better.

Leg cramps

The women thinking about this one of the 32nd pregnancy week symptoms and signs should know that the specialists don’t really know what causes them. One of the theories is that they are caused by magnesium and calcium deficiency, so you could ask your doctor about taking supplements.

Itchy belly

As the abdomen expands, a new one of the 32 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms appears: itching. You may use moisturizing lotions that can make the itching better. If these don’t help, there are some anti-itching lotions that you might try too.

Colostrum and enlarged breasts

If you are thinking about the signs and symptoms during the 32nd week of pregnancy you might notice that your breasts have enlarged and there could be a yellowish fluid leaking from them. This is known as colostrum and it will be the first food of the baby after birth.


This one of the 32 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms is mainly caused by two things: the uterus pressing against the rectum and the pregnancy hormones relaxing the muscles, so that it becomes more difficult for women to control the muscles in the rectal area.


This isn’t the first time when you may be experiencing this one of the symptoms and signs of the 32nd pregnancy week. The passing of food through the intestines slows down, making constipation worse. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and that you have foods high in fiber.

Although the 32 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms may seem to be scary, you have to remember that there is nothing that you can’t handle and since you got this far, you are tough enough to put up with what the following weeks have to bring.


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