33 Weeks Pregnant

-Prepare for Labor Pain!

You are 33 weeks pregnant now and you might need to rush to the hospital soon. Make advanced reservations as this helps in dealing with any unpleasant situations at the last moment. By this time, the child is almost well developed and there are very few changes to take place.

When you are in pregnancy week 33, the back pain and leg discomfort are no longer a secret. However since your body is ready to deliver the little one into the world, saving yourself strength is a good idea.

33rd week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

Leg cramps are the most serious condition you will suffer from in this week. In order to eliminate the condition, try following these tips:

  • Exercise greatly helps to get relief from the condition. Get up and walk during lunch hour.
  • Don’t stand or sit in the same position for longer hours.
  • Increase the intake of calcium through diet or supplements.
  • While you are lying down, try to keep your legs elevated.

Dealing with the pain

Whenever you feel the cramps, flex your toes upward to get relief from the spasm and make use of the hands for applying pressure to the affected area.

33 weeks pregnant pictures

Still you will experience the 33 weeks pregnant symptoms like backaches, feeling too hot, leg cramps, headaches, or trouble during the sleep.

Comfortable bra

Your breasts become larger and larger and you have to keep in mind that they will continue to grow. In order to be comfortable and also to prevent the breasts from “dropping” consider using a comfortable bra at all times.

Swelling and carpal tunnel risk

You might also start to experience mild swelling or edema in this week. You need not worry about this but should continue to drink loads of water to discourage fluid retention in your body.

You might also experience a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. You should get enough rest and in short intervals to relieve you of the discomforts of being 33 weeks pregnant.

Sleep on the left side

Whenever you lie down, don’t forget to roll to your left side. Sleeping on left side increases the blood circulation and also helps in digestion and breathing. Make use of a full body pillow to achieve comfortable sleeping position.

Evaluating birthing option

Are you thinking about how to get relief from the pain during child birth? For this, you need to learn the most common techniques for pain relief such as breathing techniques, epidurals and pain relief medications, which are administered through injections.

Be aware that, during 33rd week of pregnancy, for the majority of women, the water breaks during nighttime; and in most of the cases it is very similar to a urine discharge. In case the quantity is small you may not be aware you are going into labor.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 33 weeks pregnant

By this week, your 33 week fetus is about the size of 17 inches long and weighs up to 4.4 pounds.

The development of vernix that was started earlier will become quite thick now. The accumulation of fat under your baby’s skin changes the skin color from dark red and transparent to pinkish and translucent.

The lungs of your baby are developed and the baby tries to practice breathing more and more each day. Your baby is taking intermittent deep breaths now, as it gets oxygen from the placenta.

Brain activity and immune system

In week 33 of pregnancy, the baby’s brain grows rapidly and the head size is approximately 3/8th of an inch this week. Synapses and neurons are developing in huge numbers in your baby’s brain now. The skull of your baby is not as hard as all the other bones in your baby’s body.

The baby’s immune system starts functioning. Antibodies that help to fight against the infection are spread from you to your baby through placenta. To improve the immunity further, try to breastfeed after the birth.

Light sensitivity and movement patterns

The baby’s pupils are sensitive to light and the baby is highly responsive to exterior stimulus. When the baby moves you will be able to see skin ripple and even distinguish what limbs is he or she moving with the help of 33 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

You will observe rhythmic movements of your baby. As your baby grows, there will be less fluid available, which makes the movements feel more frequent and vigorous. By now, the amniotic fluid is at its highest level. The amniotic fluid is very clear and there will be 2-6 cups of amniotic fluid at the time of child birth.

Evolution of sexual organs

If your baby is a girl, then at this time, the clitoris is quite prominent. If you have a little boy, then his testicles are descending in the scrotum but there are cases when only one of them are descended by the time you give birth. Fortunately this issue will solve itself in the first year of the baby’s life.

Baby’s position in 33 weeks pregnancy

During pregnancy 33 weeks, the baby generally settles into the head down or cephalic position. In about 3% of pregnancies, the baby remains in breech position, which means that the baby’s buttocks or the feet are leading and would be delivered first.

If the baby is in this position, the practitioner recommends cesarean section. Though the vaginal breech birth is possible, it is better to know whether your practitioner is skilled and comfortable with this technique. Also ask about the possible risks and complications.

When you are 33 weeks pregnant and if your baby is in breech position, you can practice below mentioned exercise to encourage the baby to rotate:

Lie down on your back and prop up the buttocks 9-12 inches from the floor by using a firm and supportive pillow. Practice this exercise for at least 20 min for 2-3 times a day. Wear loose clothes while practicing the exercise and keep your stomach empty.

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