Thing to Know About 34 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development

When thinking about 34 weeks pregnant baby development, all parents should know that this period is all about growth.

By this time the baby is of about18 inches long and he or she is supposed to weigh almost five and a half pounds.

The good news is that at this stage the baby could survive on his or her own outside the womb.

34 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development


During this period they start to accumulate fat, so their skin stops being translucent and they start rounding up. During this week there is more fat accumulated in the legs and arms.

Cute little details

The parents thinking about the development of the baby during the 34th week of pregnancy should know that when the baby is awake, his or her eyes are opened and they are closed when the baby is sleeping. The sleeping pattern of the little one is also developed and the mothers usually know when the little one is sleeping.

Physical appearance

The 34 weeks pregnant baby development means that the little one already has everything that he or she needs. This includes the fingernails and toenails. Besides they also have hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. This is pretty much the look that they will have when they get born.

A little survivor

When it comes to the 34th week of development of the baby you may already know that he or she could have survived outside the womb until this point as well. However if the baby was born at this stage, the chances of complications were a lot lower.

Preparing for the big day

The parents thinking about the 34 weeks pregnant baby development should know that most probably the baby is already in a bottom up, head down position. The bones of the skull are relatively hard, but they are still flexible, making it easier for the baby to travel through the birth canal.

Practice makes perfect for the 34th pregnancy week baby development

During the 34 weeks pregnant baby development the baby is already practicing for the life outside the womb. He is breathing and swallowing. Naturally the kidneys are working as well, so the baby is urinating too and it is possible that he or she is also producing waste products.


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