The 34 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms You Should Expect

By the time, you start thinking about the 34 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms you already become a true warrior on the battlefield of pregnancy.

The bad news is that although you may have thought that you got rid of some of the symptoms, they will return in this period.

34 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Swollen feet and ankles

During the last stages of the pregnancy, you will get bigger and your body will retain more water that can make your feet and ankles swell. You can make the swelling better if you wear comfortable shoes and you slip into slippers the moment you get home.

Changes of the hair

When it comes to the 34th pregnancy week symptoms and signs you may notice that you have more hair than before. This is because the shedding of hair slows down during pregnancy. You should make the best of this period because your hair will return to normal after childbirth.

Shortness of breath

As the uterus expands, it starts causing some of the 34 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms. It starts pressing against the lungs which won’t be able to expand anymore and you will start experiencing shortness of breath. You should sleep prepped on your left side to feel better. Also avoid rapid walking or stair climbing because they will make this symptom worse.

Problems with sleeping

Because of the signs and symptoms of the 34th week of pregnancy it might be difficult to have a good night’s sleep. You will have to take bathroom trips and most probably you will also have leg cramps. It might help to have a cup of warm milk before bedtime.

Leaking colostrum

As the big day draws closer, you might see some new 34 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms, such as leaking colostrum. This is a yellowish fluid that will become the first food of the baby. Only a few drops will leak, but you may have to use nursing pads.

Stretch marks

This might be one of the worse symptoms and signs of the 34th pregnancy week. As the belly expands, the skin will stretch, leading to red and purplish stretch marks that could also be itching. To minimize the damage you can consider using moisturizing lotions or anti-itching lotions.

There aren’t many new 34 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms so that most probably you already know how to handle them to make your life easier.


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