34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

You are in the 34th week now! Only few weeks away from your due date. This stage is very tiring and uncomfortable part as both the abdomen and your baby is getting larger.

At this stage you will experience 34 weeks pregnant symptoms like fatigue, hemorrhoids, swollen feet and ankles and so on. All the symptoms are not experienced by everyone; it differs from woman to woman.

At this week, you may feel that taking breath is little bit easier as the baby might descend into the pelvis and provides your lungs with some space.

34 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Some of the 34 weeks pregnant symptoms are:


Fatigue continues to haunt you this week. It might not be in the form of coma like exhaustion which you had in your first trimester.


At the time of pregnancy, the elevated levels of progesterone result in the relaxation of the smooth muscles. This slows down the food passage in the intestines which increases the absorption of water from the bowel. This results in constipation. The rapidly developing uterus compresses the intestines and pushes up your stomach, which can also result in the constipation in the final period of your pregnancy.


The almost constant side effect of the constipation is hemorrhoids. These can be reduced by doing kegel exercise by which the circulation to the area can be improved.


Your center of gravity which is shifting from the back to your tummy puts much pain and pressure on the lower back. For curing your back pain there are various solutions, so if one solution does not work, another solution might work. Take some break and stand, walk or stretch, as sitting for a long time can hurt your back even more.

Increase in the vaginal discharge

As the pregnancy progresses, an increased vaginal discharge could be noticed. This is because of the pregnancy hormones, particularly estrogen. They can increase the flow of blood to the pelvic area and activate mucus membranes.


At this week, you may wonder when the baby will move down into the pelvis. This moving down of your baby into the pelvis is known as lightning. This typically takes place several weeks before your labor starts, for some women it occurs in days before the labor starts.


Some women experience painful heartburn. This is because of the rise in the acidity levels after each of your baby’s kicks.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps are commonly experienced around this stage. Mainly if the swelling, fatigue and the pregnancy weight are in the peak levels, it results in the leg cramps. If you feel like you are experiencing a spasm, try to stand on the cold surface.


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