35 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms – The Challenge Continues

The truth is that it’s not very easy to live with the 35 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms, but usually women can handle these symptoms quite well.

No matter what problems you might have, there is a solution and for sure your doctor can help you with your symptoms.

35 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Indigestion and heartburn as 35th week of pregnancy signs and symptoms

Most probably the heartburn gets worse during this week. This is because the growing uterus is pressing against your stomach. You shouldn’t eat when you are in a reclined position and you shouldn’t lie down right after a meal. In fact, it is better if you go for a walk.

Bleeding gums

This is caused by the pregnancy hormones that make the gums inflamed and sensitive. Although the bleeding may be scary you should go on washing your teeth and flossing regularly. You might also want to see your dentist at least once during your pregnancy.

Skin changes

Besides the stretch marks and the itching, the 35 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms also involve having a bumpy rash on your stomach that could turn out to be PUPPP. The rash doesn’t represent a risk to the baby but you can find it annoying so apply some aloe vera gel after you have a bath.


Some of the signs and symptoms during the 35th week of pregnancy are caused by the shift in your center of gravity. Your clumsiness is also caused by your big belly. This is why it is important to avoid climbing on things: instead ask someone else to get the things that you need.


One of the 35 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms is the ‘pregnancy brain’. The truth is that the brain cell volume decreases and the lack of sleep doesn’t help either. The good news is that the situation will improve after the baby is born. Until then you should take notes of the truly important things.

Braxton Hicks contractions

You don’t have to be afraid of this one of the symptoms and signs of the 35th week of pregnancy. These are only exercise contractions to prepare the body for the real thing. Although the majority of women have this symptom, it is possible that you won’t feel a single one of them.

There are some other 35 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms that you could experience as well.


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