Dealing with 36 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

If you are looking for the 36 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms it means that you already have a big baby.

The bad news is that a big baby comes with some new symptoms that you will have to handle.

On the bright side, their majority has a treatment or some kind of cure that you could use.

36 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Fetal activity changes

As the baby grows, he or she will have less space to move around so you can expect to see a change in the movements of the little one. You can still expect some changes; there will be less kicking but there will be a lot more squirming. The good news is that the kicks and punches won’t be as painful as before.

Frequent urination

This is one of the classic 36th pregnancy week symptoms and signs. By this time the baby has dropped lower in the pelvis and so it is pressing against the bladder even more. As a result you will have to go to the bathroom as often as you did during the first couple of months of your pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge

The 36 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms also involve some changes in the vaginal discharge. The discharge is decreasing and it is also thicker. It is normal for the mucus to be red, pinkish or brown. This just means that the cervix is more sensitive than it was before.

Pelvic discomfort and pressure

When it comes to the signs and symptoms during the 36th week of pregnancy you should expect the baby to get lower in the pelvic region so he or she is pressing against the pelvic area even harder. To make the discomfort better you should do pelvic tilts and have a warm bath.

Itchy abdomen

The women should expect to experience this symptom. It appears because the skin is stretching, which leads to itching. To make it better you should opt for the creams and lotions that contain vitamin E and cocoa butter.

Problems with sleeping

Because of the symptoms and signs of the 36th pregnancy week it may become more difficult to find the perfect position during the night. It is important for the bedroom to have the right temperature. To make the 36 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms better, you could invest in a pregnancy pillow.


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