Top 37 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

If you are thinking about the 37 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms, you should know that you are closer to term every day and having a big baby inside your belly comes with a lot of different symptoms that you might or most probably, might not like.

37 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Further changes in fetal activity

Since the baby is growing, he or she has less space to move so it is just natural that the movements will change as well. You can expect to notice less kicking and less punching. Their place will be taken by squirming. You don’t have to get alarmed by this change, because it is entirely normal.

Cervical dilation

This is one of the 37th pregnancy week symptoms and signs that might be new for you. As the body prepares for childbirth, the cervix dilates. In some cases, this is a long process, while in case of other women it may happen overnight. Most probably you won’t feel anything.

Vaginal discharge

When it comes to the 37 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms you can expect to see a decrease of the vaginal discharge and it is possible for the mucus to have a red, pink or brown color. This doesn’t mean anything bad, just that your cervix sensitivity is increasing as it gets ready for birth.

Increasing pelvic pressure

As it has been mentioned before regarding the 37 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms, the baby is lower in the pelvic region now, pressing against the hips, bladder and pelvis. To make the discomfort better you should soak in warm water and maybe do some pelvic tilts.

Itchy abdomen

As the baby grows, the skin has to stretch, accommodating the little one and this leads to one of the signs and symptoms during the 37th week of pregnancy. The itching skin is natural and to make it better try using moisturizing lotions or anti-itching lotions.

Sleeping issues

It looks like the universe doesn’t want to allow you to sleep. As one of the 37 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms you will see that having a good night’s sleep is a miracle. You will have to make frequent trips to the toilet and the leg cramps won’t leave you alone either.

Protruding parts

As the belly button goes, usually women have innies, but as one of the symptoms and signs of the 37th pregnancy week this may become an outie. In the same time the nipples are also showing now.


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