39 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

If you are already thinking about the 39 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms you should expect to give birth any moment now.

Although the baby might not be on term, for sure he or she could get born without any problems and there wouldn’t be any complications, so there is nothing for you to worry about.

39 Weeks Pregnant Signs and Symptoms

Braxton Hicks contractions

Although you may have gotten used to these contractions, now they become stronger than before, but they are still irregular. Some of the women don’t have such contractions. This is normal too since the Braxton Hicks contractions are more common in case of the second pregnancies.

Fetal activity

When thinking about the 39th pregnancy week symptoms and signs you may imagine that the baby is pretty cramped in the womb by now so it is no wonder that the activity of the little one slows down. In the same time, the coordination of the baby is better, so there are no more involuntary jabs.

Bloody show

Having vaginal discharge is common. You should also expect to see some blood. This is because the blood vessels of the cervix rupture as it dilates. Another thing that you might notice is that the mucus plug falls out.

Ruptured membranes

In case you see this one of the signs and symptoms during the 39th week of pregnancy it means that labor is very close. Nonetheless you shouldn’t think that you will cause a flood. Usually women are already in labor when their water breaks (unlike what you may have seen in movies).

Nausea and diarrhea

Some of the 39 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms are pretty nasty. As childbirth draws nearer the muscles of the rectum loosen and so you may experience diarrhea. Feeling nauseous is also common. Make sure that you stay hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids.


The sad news about this one of the symptoms and signs of the 39th pregnancy week is that the backache could get worse as childbirth gets closer. You can make the pain better if you get in the shower and allow the warm water to pour over your back.

The women thinking about the 39 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms should know that the symptoms also mean that the big day is getting closer.


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