39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Now you are in the final phase of the pregnancy! You have only 1 week away for the due date. Though exhausted you must be excited to have your baby in your hands.

Along with the excitement it would be better to be aware of 39 weeks pregnant symptoms.

All the symptoms are not experienced by every woman. Symptoms differ with each woman.

39 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Here are some symptoms of 39 weeks pregnancy.

Braxton Hicks contractions

These contractions are also called as false labor contractions. These are very common in the 2nd and also in the subsequent pregnancies. Usually these kinds of pains begin in the front of the body and become less when you change the positions. While the real labor begins at your uterus top and become much frequent.


You may be experiencing much heartburn now. Do not be worried about this. For getting relief now, drink some liquids after or before meals rather than during.

Passing the mucus plug or bloody show

When there is a vaginal discharge, it may be tinged with the blood which may be either brownish or pinkish as there is a rupture of blood vessels in the cervix. Do not be worried about this, it is an indication that the cervix is opening up or dilating, and this is a good thing. Another thing that may happen in this week is the loss of mucus plug.

Difficulty in catching the breath

Breathing will be more difficult as your lungs only have little space, and the stomach is also having less space, so you should consume frequent small meals all over the day.

Nausea or diarrhea

As your body is getting ready for your childbirth, your rectum muscles may loosen, which results in the loose bowel movements. You might also experience nausea. It is essential to drink plenty of water to avoid the condition of dehydration.


When you are suffering from diarrhea, your hemorrhoids might be less painful as you are not straining for moving the bowels like you did when constipated. Just have an idea that pushing at the time of labor can make your hemorrhoids worse.

Membranes rupture

If there is a breakage of your amniotic fluid and a fluid gush, it can serve as a sign of labor. If your water breaks, call your doctor.


There could be worse backaches now as you will countdown the end weeks. You can calm this sore back by letting some warm water pulse onto the back.

Pelvic pressure

The head of your baby is applying pressure on the pelvis, which makes you to feel discomfort. Other uncomfortable symptoms include indigestion and cramps.


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