41 Weeks Pregnant

– You Are Not Overdue!

As you may have found out by now every pregnancy is unique and the due date is never set in stone with the exception of the cases you choose or have to opt for a C-section.

You baby is most likely perfectly ok and ready to meet the outside world.

Keep in mind that being 41 weeks pregnant does not mean you have passed the delivery term but rather that there is a slight chance you and your doctor miscalculated the delivery date.

Anxiety and Expectations

These two words define the way you feel when 41 weeks pregnant. This week can be quite challenging for your nerves not to mention the nerves of everyone around you.

If your stress level becomes unbearable, talk to your doctor. He or she can recommend a session of fetal monitoring to put your mind at ease.

41 Weeks Pregnant

41th week of pregnancy and symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

You may experience short sharp pain or a burning sensation on one side or the other of your vagina. This happens because of the baby’s positioning. Your baby moves a lot less because of the lack of room and because he or she is positioned head first; the pressure on the round ligaments and vagina nerves increases.

During the 41th week, your breathing and digestion improve. With the descent of the baby, there is less pressure on your diaphragm and on your stomach so you can expect to breathe easier and experience a little less heartburn.

Back pain and swollen feet

Your back may hurt more this week because of the weight of your belly. You can choose to go for a special back massage and also rest as much as you can.

Swollen hands and feet will be your companions during the 41th week of pregnancy. Still you should be very careful about any changes that may occur in the level of swelling.

If one foot becomes significantly more swollen than the other or if you notice increasing face puffiness within a very short time interval make sure you notify your doctor immediately. These can be sings of preeclampsia.

No Signs of Labor in 41 Weeks

Care you need to take during 41st week of pregnancy

If the question “when will the baby come?” is the only thing in your mind, try and keep busy during this week. Go for a session of pampering, meet with your friends, occupy your time with fun activities, take walks and most importantly keep a positive mind attitude.

Diet and hydration

You diet remains extremely important during this week. Both you and your baby need vitamins and proteins so make sure you eat healthy and stay away from junk food.

Keep yourself hydrated to ease the muscle pressure and help the kidneys working to flush out the toxins both you and your baby produce.

Your hospital bag must be packed and you should revise your birthing plan. When and if in doubt you should call your doctor or midwife to help you deal with your fears. If you choose to have a doula make sure you share your worries with her, she is trained to help you cope.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 41 weeks pregnant

During the 41th pregnancy week, your baby is fully developed, most likely positioned head first and engaged in the pelvic area.

Remember that your baby is not necessarily delayed and focus on the positive side of being 41 weeks pregnant. Your womb is the most comfortable environment your baby will ever live into so there is no wonder he or she is staying put.

Your baby cannot be rushed to come into the world and you should know that over 50% of the babies choose to come later than 40 weeks.

  • The baby’s organs are fully developed to adapt to the life outside the womb
  • Baby’s endocrine system is preparing to produce stress hormones
  • Your baby’s nails are still growing so you will have to cut them after birth
  • Baby continues to put on weight during this week
  • He or she is more receptive to the noise outside your womb and to the sound of your voice

Facts on the 41th pregnancy week

  • Pelvic pressure is extremely common during this week and so are the hemorrhoids related issues.
  • For some women, dilatation can take place over several weeks. Your doctor may notice your cervix is dilated or thinned during the internal exam in spite of the contractions being absent
  • It is perfectly ok to experience both energy boosts and extreme fatigue over a short time interval

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