42 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Women who are in 42nd week of pregnancy are more miserable. They feel like bloated, heavy and plain uncomfortable.

Many of them who reach this stage are troubled with swollen feet and fatigue. Women should be aware of 42 weeks pregnant symptoms.

42 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Braxton Hicks contraction

This is also called as practice or false labor contractions. In this last week you will experience Braxton Hicks contractions more often as your body is now ready for delivery. If you begin to experience contractions pattern, they may be the things of real. The main difference between the true labor and false labor is, in the false labor the contractions do not increase constantly closer together, longer and stronger.

Mucous plug loss

When your cervix opens in the delivery preparation, you may notice brown or pink discharge. This is an absolutely normal sign and it means that delivery could occur within the coming several days, but if there is heavy discharge or it is in the form of bright red, as soon as possible call your doctor as this could be a sign of placental abruption or placenta previa.

Membranes rupture

If you sense a steady trickle or a gush of clear and odorless fluid, that likely indicates that the amniotic sac has broken and it is permitting the amniotic fluid to leak. Tell this to your doctor and follow the delivery instructions as you may deliver soon.

Effacement and dilation

Your doctor has likely told you that how effaced and dilated your cervix is because it sets up for your baby to come through the birth canal. You got to do nothing to speed it up, but if your doctor feels that there is a necessity of inducing labor, there are some medications which can carry out.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea

Diarrhea and abdominal pain may be the signs that the delivery is about to happen. Try to drink more fluids to stay hydrated and consume food lightly to maintain your strength.

Swelling of feet and ankles

Your body fluids will be at high volume and due to the excess discomfort and weight you may really slow down. This can result in the more swelling of ankles and feet. But drink more water for the fluid circulation through the system, and try to lie down or sit by elevating your feet to avoid the fluid from pooling there.

Difficulty in sleeping

It is possible that uneasiness and anxiety results in a difficult sleep. Try to talk to your husband before going to bed for easier rest emotionally. Make your bedroom as appropriate as possible.


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