42 Weeks Pregnant

– Ready or Not Here Comes the Baby!

The challenge of delivery is what occupies your mind when you are 42 weeks pregnant.

Your little one might enjoy being expected so impatiently so you must be aware that your mood influences the baby more than ever.

Your doctor will keep a close look on your pregnancy during this week and he or she will present you with birth alternatives like induced birth or C-section in case your baby is too lazy to want to come out on its own.

42 Weeks Pregnant

Baby stress monitoring

You will be called to your doctor’s office for a session of fetal stress monitoring when you are 42 weeks pregnant.

Your doctor will monitor the baby’s heart rate, fetal movement and even the amniotic fluid condition.

42nd week of pregnancy and symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

In spite of what you might think, your pregnancy is not overdue. Statistically 70% of pregnancies are miscalculated due to irregular ovulation or inaccurately determined last menstrual date.

You will feel increasingly heavy during the 42nd pregnancy week. Your body is bound to retain more water and your ankles and feet will seem more swollen than ever.

Because of the size of your belly, the trips to the toilet will increase during nighttime and you will also experience an increase in the number of Braxton–Hicks contractions.

Colostrum leaking will increase when 42 weeks pregnant as your breasts will continue to enlarge.

Relating to the outside world

For sure you are annoyed by friends and relatives constantly asking about the due date.

They are simply trying their best to offer you emotional support, so don’t shut them out. Talk to your partner about your worries and you will see you will feel better.

Care you need to take during the 42nd week of pregnancy

You should continue to practice the relaxation techniques you learned so far. Lamaze classes will ease both physical and emotional pressure.

Put your feet up as often as you can. It will increase circulation and help with the pelvic pressure. Keep yourself hydrated and remember that the endless trips to the toilet are almost over.

In case you are tempted to try natural labor inducing methods like castor oil, spicy food or sex you should know that some of these methods may work for some women but if they do not work for you, you shouldn’t despair.

Monitor your body carefully. Nausea or diarrhea may be signs that your labor is about to begin. Also make sure you look inside the toilet bowl after going to the toilet. You may notice the mucus plug or blood tinted secretions which both are indicators that your time of delivery has finally come.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 42 weeks pregnant

Your baby is ready to experience the outside world. Due to the lack of room inside your uterus, the fetal movements will decrease and seem lighter with every day that passes.

Your baby’s head can be bigger and you might need an episiotomy during delivery in case your perineum doesn’t dilate fast enough.

  • Your baby’s hair will grow longer this week
  • The little one’s skin may look dry, wrinkled and may even peel. This is a natural condition because your baby stopped producing vernix a few weeks ago.
  • The baby’s skin will have very little lanugo
  • If born on the 42nd pregnancy week your baby will be slightly bigger, more alert and more receptive to the outside world.

Facts on the 42nd pregnancy week

  • Statistically every other mom carries over 40 weeks of pregnancy
  • Only 2% of pregnancies are really post-term. In most cases this happens because of the baby positioning, health issues of the mother or other factors not related to the health of the baby
  • The babies born in the 42 week of pregnancy are usually bigger and display more primitive reflexes
  • Only 4% of the overdue pregnancies require an emergency C-section
  • During delivery your baby will be monitored closely to prevent fetal distress and oxygen deprivation
  • Old wives’ tales state that boys take longer to come into the world than girls so if you chose not to know your baby’s sex a prolonged pregnancy might give you a hint.

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