6 Weeks Pregnant

-Most Severe Period for Pregnancy Symptoms!

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, your healthcare provider will measure your baby with an ultrasound scan. Your baby will certainly appear big but definitely not bigger.

The growth of your baby now is continuous and hence the ultrasound scans.

You will notice some major discomforts during this week. Slight abdominal bloating is very common for this week but if persistent pain accompanies it, you should visit your doctor.

Some mothers start growing in weight with this particular week since starting now the body retains more fluid; so your figure may look fuller.

6th week of pregnancy symptoms and physical changes that occur in your body

6 weeks pregnant picturesDuring 6 weeks of pregnancy, you will observe some unpleasant symptoms. You can feel slightly ill.

If you happen to see any spotting during this time, it is advisable that you see your healthcare provider.

When you are 6 weeks pregnant you should be aware that a white-yellow vaginal secretion may appear.

This symptom may continue until you give birth; still you must monitor the consistence of the secretion carefully.

If it changes in color or smell, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Most mothers start experiencing the emotional carousel. The contradictory state of mind is something common when you are in week 6 of pregnancy; so tears and laugher coming immediately one after the other, is very likely to happen.

The common pregnancy symptoms will become severe when you are 6 weeks pregnant. This week you can feel more nauseated too.

The morning sickness is not restricted to the morning time and you might experience the upset stomach sensation all through the day.

In case the vomiting is worse, it’s better to see your doctor and let her advice you because it might be harmful for your baby in case you are losing too much of fluid.

This kind of complications arise in overweight women or if you are too young to be pregnant but being sick because of a certain smell of something you see can happen regardless the age group you are in.

There is a high risk of constipation; so it is better to include as much fruits and vegetables as possible in your diet. Those rich in fibers and nutrition will help the nausea and solve the constipation issue.

There is a slight increase in your waist size and you might not fit into your jeans. It’s advisable that you wear comfortable clothes and feel easy.

Since the need to urinate will increase during this week it is better to wear comfortable clothes especially when you go out.

In order to get relief from symptoms of 6 weeks pregnancy:

  • You need to buckle down and focus on changing your diet.
  • You should not consume fatty foods.
  • Prefer eating smaller meals rather than consuming larger ones.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Focus on the positive aspects and remember that your state of mind influences the baby.
  • Take your regular prenatal vitamin.
  • Avoid keeping your stomach completely empty or completely full; either of these may worsen your nausea.

In pregnancy 6 weeks, you will gain some weight. Usually, most of the pregnant women gain about 5 pounds in the whole first trimester. You will observe a little change in your waist size as it might become a little thicker.

Your uterus also starts growing in size from this week onwards and you will notice that some of your clothes are getting a bit tight. If it is your first pregnancy, then your body does not change that much.

Changes that occur in the fetus when you are 6 weeks pregnant

Now that you have reached the 6th week of pregnancy, this is a very busy time for your developing embryo. The brain of your 6 week fetus develops into 3 different parts.

First is forebrain, which is for memory and reasoning, second is midbrain, which is for translating messages from brain to other organs and limbs, and the third is hindbrain, which is for regulating baby’s breathing and for muscle movements.

  • During 6 weeks pregnancy, your baby is of about 0.08 to 0.2 inches long and becomes thrice in its weight.
  • It’s measured from head to the buttocks and is known as the “crown-rump length”.
  • The physical features of your baby start to show this week and are wholly surrounded by the amniotic sac.
  • Your baby’s heart starts beating and it will be detected in the ultrasound scan. Heart beats about 100-140 beats per minute, about twice as much as an adult’s.
  • Digestive and respiratory systems also begin to develop.
  • Small buds that later become arms and legs also begin to appear this week.
  • The trunk and neck of your baby begin to develop.
  • Kidney and lever start to grow fast.
  • The blood starts to circulate.
  • The neural tube which connects the brain and with the spinal cords are now closed, and the cerebral development of the baby is in progress.
  • Placenta develops rapidly.
  • You will also be able to see dark spots which will later become its eyes and nostrils.
  • Also you will be able to see small holes in the head which later on become your baby’s ears.

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, 40 blocks of tissue will appear along the middle line of the embryo. They will form the conjunctive tissue, the ribs and the back muscles, and also the muscles from the baby’s sides.

Due to the development of first muscle tissues, the baby will make the first movements when you are in 6th week of pregnancy. These movements will be too small to be sensed by the mother but it is the start of baby’s “aware activity” inside the uterus.

Facts of pregnancy week 6

As stress increases, your 6 weeks pregnant symptoms like worsening of morning sickness, increased fatigue, severe back pain, neck pain and headaches and indigestion also increase; so take time out for meditation and relaxation.

It is a great time to join prenatal yoga classes. Just enjoy this time off and do things which you thought you could never do, of course taking care that there is a tiny baby growing in your tummy.

Want to know what happens next week? Here’s what to expect when you are 7 weeks pregnant.

Image source: childbirthconnection

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Symptoms in 6 Weeks Pregnant

Fetal Development in 6 Weeks Pregnant


  1. Hey im currently on the week 6. Indeed my waist has been become thicker but i’m not having any nauseaus symptoms… is this normal?

  2. i’m havving stomact pain sometimes back pain and even morrnning sickness people been telling i’m ganning a little bet of weight and i get my period is this normal

  3. hi i m 6 and half week pregnanat and in my ultrasound there is no heart beat of baby doctor told that we have to wait for 2 or 3 week for feata beat.i m having stomach pain in lower area and back ache is this normal?

  4. Hi I’m also 6th week of pregnancy, I have period like pains. I had a scan last week and they saw a pregnancy sack but it was empty, so we are returning next week to have another. I’m absolutley petrified! Is pain and clear discharge normal??

  5. Im currently six weeks i feel ill mood swing feel like im going to throw up but it want come up i have a minor cold and i cant get full this is the worst week so far!!!

  6. hi all, i went to the hospital yesterday for a scan to see if i had pcos (cystic ovaries) and was told i may not have children…however, during the scan.. the nurse found i am 6weeks pregnant!! 🙂 you can imagine my shock! however i have been having symptoms for the past week…including tierdness, feeling ill (like travel sickness) and back pains. it was fantastic to see something the size of a bean with a heartbeat!! good luck to u all x

  7. Hi i just found out that i’m 6week Pregnant!!! And 3weeks ago i had my period is this Normal?? I’m also having stomach pain and lower back ache is this Normal??

  8. i have done more than 10 pregnancy tests and they are all negative. also its been 8 weeks now, and i haven’t gone through any symptom. i also got my period. could i be pregnat?

  9. I been having abdominal pain. I’m six weeks is this normal? Its not like pain pain but its very irritating. What’s wrong with me?

  10. I am in my 6th week. and found out on Easter after trying for 6 months with hopes high and then being let down. we thought there was something wrong with my reproduction and was considering getting fertility help from doctors but happily were pregnant with our first baby together! due christmas but due to my previous pregnancies we will be having a cesarian !! bu more than thrilled!!! i feel only nauseous when i havent had something to eat! good luck to all u mommies to be!!!

  11. Hello I found out I am pregnant we are so happy since I thought I was never going to have a baby we have been married 6 years. I just found out on April 25th I was pregnant. I found this to be the most informal web site so far. Love the week by week pregnancy thanks for the help being that I have no idea what to feel or expect. By the way I am 45 years. I think I am 6 weeks. I will find out soon I have ultrasound scheduled Friday next week. Blessed Blessed Blessed!!!

  12. Heyy! just found out today im 6 weeks pregnant! my husband and i are soooo excited, we’ve been tryiing for awhile now! ive been having all symptoms and boy is it fun(sarcasm)lol! i pray the rest of u ladies get what ur heart desires! God is good!
    Love this blog by the way!

  13. Boy … i was not getting any symptoms till i got to 6 or 7 weeks .. now i feel the morning sickness and whats worse is i got a stupid kink in my neck … talk about NO SLEEP. I always feel so tired too -_- i hope pregnancy gets a bit better. On an other note .. i can not wait till Jan 🙂 my due date.

  14. hello .. i just found out on saturday that im pregnant .. i thing im about 6 weeks but i still have to find out for sure .. iv been feeling sick all the time but havnt actually thrown up .. i also can barley eat anything .. i just dont feel hungry .. is this normal .. i have to force myself to eat but sometimes when im chewing the food i feel really sick .. otherwise i just feel tired and my boyfriend said iv been really craby hehe .. i will cry at anything .. i hope everything goes good .. not just for me but for the other ladies out there 🙂

  15. Saw the baby’s heartbeat today, it’s life-changing. God is GREAT! This is my 3rd pregnancy, but it’s the first time I’m experiencing all the symptoms. (AAAAHHH!) : /. It’s OK, I’m soaking it all up, and not taking it for granted. Best of luck to you ladies!

  16. I just found out I am in 6th week of pregnancy(6 weeks pregnant symptoms)! My period was due 2 weeks ago and the day after I was due I took a pregnancy test, which was negative. I waited another week and took another pregnancy test, which was also negative! Finally I was 10 days late so I took another pregnancy test…it told me POSITIVE, and to be sure I wasn’t seeing things I confirmed it with a 2nd test…POSITIVE again 😉 I feel great, no terrible symptoms yet just occasional nausea that lasts a few minutes, neck ache, frequent urination, & EXTREMELY hungry! but a poor appetite…nothing sounds good but I know i’m hungry and need to eat! :/ anyone else experience this?

  17. hay i am not sure if i am pregnant iv had a few negative tests but have been experiencing symptoms like sickness and tiredness and pain in my stomach and back i don’t know what do do or feel i am confused could i feel pregnant

  18. Am six weeks pregnant.ill,having headache, weak and tired.also a serious breast pain.i feed well for the past five weeks but now cant eat much.what do i do? When can i start antenatal?

  19. My husband and I were trying for over a year to get pregnant. I recently found out I am!!!! I don’t have any symptoms and I’m 6 weeks! Is that normal?

  20. Hey im 6 week pregnant and i have been having mild nausea, back pain, abdominal pain, and cramps but its not severe pain its like a cramping then i get hungry and after i eat something im hungry again 20 min later???? its weird has any one is going threw the same thing as me, or if some one can tell me if this is normal

  21. Hey Susi, yes, my Husband and I are 6 weeks pregnant. I am experiencing pulling and very mild cramping in my stomach, and lower back pain. I feel like I’m starving all the time…and if I prolong eating even by a little but sometimes…I feel very nauseous. And feel like “travel bug sick”. So yes, I do feel like I have to eat again about every 20-30 mins..and I am going to the bathroom (number 1), about that often as well. It sounds like it’s normal. It also sounds like it’s normal to have stomach pain and mild cramping feelings in the stomach and lower back pain…because it sounds like almost every woman on here says they are experiencing that too. (: This is me and my Husband’s second pregnancy, we lost our first baby due to a miscarriage that began slowly at 5 weeks, and we didn’t find out until about 9 weeks. That happened in Oct. 2009 sometime (4 months after we got married)…it was planned. We are just praising God!! Because we have been trying for what seems the longest time..and God had blessed us with this new little peanut. We are so thankful and thrilled! (: God’s hand is never too short to work a miracle. I pray all of the recent pregnancies and past pregnancies and babies and families are doing well! God Bless you all!

    -Tina R. P.W. (Pastor’s Wife)

  22. Hi I recently found out I was pregnant.!!! 🙂 for the third time. Me and my fiance lost our first two babies due to.miscarriages as tragic and heart breaking as it was we are pregnant again.!!!!!! We couldn’t be happier I’m also 6wks or so I think I have an appointment tomorrow. I’m experiencing all the symptoms feeling ill,nausea,frequent urination,weak, very sleepy and very hungry with no appetite with a few head aches. But after losing two babies all this is well worth it.!!!!! 🙂 Congrats to all you moms to be God is truly amazing.!!!!

  23. Hi 🙂

    I just recently found out that I was pregnant . i have been able to visit my regular doctor but b/c of a mix up at my insurance company have been unable to visit an OB/GYN since I found out my great news a few weeks ago . im really scared and a little stressed b/c Im concerned about the health of my baby and I . is there anything that I can do to get the proper health care until Im able to get the situation with my insurance company settled ?

  24. Hi, I havent had a period since June and I am having all the symptoms such as tiredness, extreme nausea, and backache, but I am still showing negative results on a hpt has anyone else gone through this?

  25. Hi im 6 weeks almost 7 weeks pregnant an i have very bad stomach pains an back pains. The weird thing about me is i don’t have periods so I don’t know how I got pregnant.I also took four home test an 3 said positive and the last one I took said negative could something be wrong?

  26. Hi. I’m 6weeks pregnant. I’ve got 2 beautiful daughters already n I’ve had 2 miscarriages. I’ve been extremely worried it may happen again. The pregnancies with my daughters were so close together that I dnt recall any differences between the 2. However this time has seemed quite different. I don’t know if its cos its a different father or perhaps a different gender. I have been nauseas and I’m always tiered during the day but not at night, I get cramping but I find its usually when I’m stressed. I’m praying for the best. Wish u all the best too!


  27. I am 44 yo, not peri menapausal, and frustrated. I have taken 1 hpt which was neg, got my period a few days later but it was much less than the others then took another blood test 2 day after my period which was neg also. I have been felling nauseated, fatigued, mouth watering, back and neck pains and a slight cramping/heavyness in my abdomin for the last month and a half. now its been over a week since the last period and I still have the symptoms. I also have hearburn even when I drink water and my pants are felling tight even though I lost about 7lbs which is good for me. I am making an appointment with my gyn tomorrow because I am not getting anywhere with the VA ( I am a vet). The doctor actually told me I was not giving her enough info to be alarmed. I just got accepted to grad school advanced standing, I work full time and I have an internship that I have to complete. I have alot on my plate. I forgot to mention I will celebrate my 1 yr anniversary with my husband who has no children so this child would be a definate proof of our love. I just want to know if I am or not I do not like feeling guilty if I have a cup of coffee. Are there any older woman out there who are experiencing the same thing or have in the past. I feel so alone right now.

  28. Hi there,
    Moriah… the best thing you can do is schedule appointments with your regular physician. They may not know enough or have the equiptment to take care of you as well as an OB would but they do know enough to keep you and your baby healthy until you get everything straight with the insurance. First things first, you need to get on a prenatal vitamin with DHA as soon as possible and work on maintaining a healthy diet to make sure your baby is getting the nutrients it needs. There are some great websites out there and books that can guide you in your pregnancy diet. Also, while at your physician’s office, they can draw blood to make sure your pregnancy is moving along. Some really important lab values are your beta HCG and progesterone levels. Your beta HCG should be drawn every other day at the begining of the pregnancy to make sure they are increasing as they should. Your regular physicain should be able to take care of ordering you a prenatal vitamin, guiding you in your diet, and drawing lab values for you until you can get to your OB.
    Hope this was helpful!

  29. Kristy291,
    Many woman can have hormonal imbalances that may cause you to have very similar symptoms to pregnancy. You can actually have the morning sickness, tummy cramps, breast swelling and tenderness, tiredness…ect. You may want to take a trip to your primary physician to discuss these symptoms you are having and allow them to draw some lab work on you which may help determine what is going on in your body. I don’t care what men say, they have it easy! 🙂

  30. I was 10 wks when had a miscarrage 8 yrs ago with my first child, I had no symptoms then. Iam now thankful after tryin 8 yrs 6wks preggo!!!!!! My symptoms r nausea, fatigue, abdominal cramping, lower back aches and I’m loving every bit of it… I wish everybody the best.

  31. I am in my 6th week right now, and I must say that I thought I was one of the lucky ones to not have morning sickness…and then it hit! I have been in and out of the restroom continuously since the 6th week started and I constantly feel like I am going to throw up. My apettite is minimal, and it seems as though NOTHING in this world satisfies my hunger when I do have one. Im overly tired and I sleep almost all day. This is by far the WORST week of my LIFE 🙁 but it will all be worth it.

  32. I am 6 weeks and two days pregnant and I been having abdominal pain like around the pelvic area and I been having white creamy discharge and I don’t feel like I’m pregnant. All of my symptoms have gone away… Is this normal??? Can someone help I’m very worried, because it’s my second pregnancy and it will be my first baby since my first pregnancy I had a misscarriage. Please someone help…???

  33. I had sex about a month ago. I never really got my period just some spotting. If I am pregnant I’m 6 weeks and 2 days. I took a pregnancy test right before my period but it was negative. I looked at it again later and it was positive so now I’m not sure. I don’t want to take another test because I don’t have a lot of money. I’m going to the gyno Friday for a pregnancy test and exam. I woke up this morning feeling sick like a cold. I went to school anyways but after an hour or two I got a really bad fever and started feeling worse. I came home early and ate some soup. I’m now experiencing cold like symptoms but worse. I tried to sleep it off but I feel worse. Any ideas? I’m only fifteen… I didn’t sleep well the past week or so and have been having some symptoms.. I’m due for a period again Wednesday but dont feel any period symptoms other then crampy but it’s not my normal period crampy. Does this sound like anyone else? I’m experiencing back aches, headaches, MAJOR mood swings that I usually never have, insomnia, spotting around period that was brown, cramps, stuffy nose, bloating, hot cold flashes, hungry but nothing sounds good, and nauseous but no vomitting.. Can anyone relate? I’m not on birth control yet and the condom broke.

  34. Hopefully this helps out some of the girls on here. I am currently about 6ish weeks pregnant. I have been bleeding, not very heavy but constantly and bleeding none the less,so I went to the dr on Monday. They did an internal u/s and found nothing but thickened lining, and a dim prognosis. I went back to the dr today (Thursday) and had an us done and heard a heartbeat. The bleeding is from they think a twin that died. There is hope if you are bleeding, and ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS make sure you are POSETIVE the pregnancy has ended before scheduling anything at all.

  35. I am 35 yrs old and I am 6 week pregnant. This is my 4th child and everything is as normal as could be. Good luck to all of you. I never really understood the whole, back aches and stomach pains until your in your 2 trimester so I think I will just sit back and pray for you all. Take care.

  36. Hey jst found out am six weeks pregnant and had a sex with my boyfriend then blood came out on me so wana know is it normal or wht ?coz am scared its my 1st baby

  37. 6 weeks back, my b/friend & had sex without protection, bt after dat we have been using protection. I later had my periods but dey were few days late & normally dey last 5 days but dey only lasted 3 days. I thot it ws normal but now my figure is a bit broaden, feelin pains in my abdomen not heavy like period pains. I started feelin bloated. Gained appetite. After eating my stomack wil b so big. Am not experiencing much symptoms. Is there any chances dat i myt b six weeks pregnant.

  38. I’m 6 weeks and 4 days yay! I’m having all the symptoms possible! I am staying very positive with this pregnancy ..plus off my feet I’m enjoying this ! And so is my wonderful 7 year old he is so excited!! A baby is a blessing don’t stress ladies take it one day at a time may God bless us all and our new addition! 🙂

  39. I am searching for the best pregnancy blog for my sister.finaly i found your blog.this is the wonderful blog for women i ever read.

  40. can you please post the unseal symptoms of pregnancy?because i am facing the so many problems but i don’t known is it the pregnancy symptoms are not?


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