8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Now you are in the second month of your pregnancy. Even Though you are in the 8th week you might not show your pregnancy, but you may be experiencing some of the 8 weeks pregnant symptoms.

In this week you can have different kind of symptoms such as nausea, pains, fatigue, swollen breasts and so on. At 8th week after your conception, your baby starts growing toes and fingers.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Pains and aches

During the 8th week of your pregnancy, you may start to feel pains and aches. Abdominal pains and tender breasts are natural. The breasts will swell as they get ready to produce milk for the sake of baby.

Abdominal pains will occur as the baby in the uterus grows, stretching the skin and abdominal muscles. Back pains are also experienced because of the changing and growing uterus.


By this week, nausea will come into sight like morning sickness. Morning sickness can occur at any time in the whole day. The illness is activated by certain tastes, smells and even by seeing certain things. Nausea can result because of your body hormones.

The uneasy feeling in the stomach may result in vomiting. For controlling the nausea don’t ever skip the meals and follow a healthy diet. Consume foods which consist of ginger like ginger candies, ginger cookies etc.


Building your baby is a very hard task, so you feel so exhausted. Fatigue might be seen in the early pregnancy. Women notice it when they still feel tired or weak after sleeping for a regular length of time. This is due to hormonal increase in the body. Take some time to rest and try to do some exercises when you can. And consume smaller meals to fight against fatigue.

Increased vaginal discharge

As your pregnancy advances, you will find an increased vaginal discharge. It may be uncomfortable but this discharge indeed helps in protecting the birth canal from the infection and manages a healthy bacterial balance in the vagina.


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